Studio Update: How Time "Flu" By

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; February 19, 2016)
     First, I humbly apologize for that awful pun in the title for today's press release. Second, we feel that now is a good time to take a look at how things have been going for Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle, Project U, and other things. Let's get started!
     Things have not been going well at the studio as of late. It's flu season here in sunny Southern California, so much of our staff has called in sick recently. Because of this, work on the remaining parts for Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle has lagged behind. Believe it or not, filming is not yet done, but with so many people on staff sick, it's hard to get it done. Fortunately, we're on the last set for the film. This flu also makes it hard to write press releases like this one without making spelling errors. I would consult our editor instead of spellcheck, but he's out sick today. Wait. Is spellcheck one word or two? ARGH! Where is that editor when you need him!?!
     The good news is that film editing is able to proceed despite these setbacks. It allows for some make-up time that can help alleviate the time lost from filming. Currently, scenes from outside the jungle fortress are being timed for editing and the first five minutes for part 3 are ready to receive sound effects and music composition. Filming will probably continue today, hopefully with completion by the end of February.
     What, then, does this mean for other studio projects? With resources focused on playing catch-up for Mission Deep Jungle, you can basically say good-bye to LEGO Island: The Animated Series, which, per auto-cancellation policy, will time out on March 1. Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra, on the other hand, is expected to begin filming in March, though expect a release later in the summer. For our pirate fans, the ten-year re-release of Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen is still scheduled for June 17 (it's basically a copy of the DVD Archival Project version).
     In other news, we're getting ready to begin sending out e-mails to potential voice actors to begin filling up roles. Just about everything is ready to go, with the actual messages being sent starting next week. If you would like to join our growing cast of voice actors (which has come to include The Sims 3 voice actress Holly Lindin and Bricks In Motion voice actor and animator Chris Boyer), then click here to SIGN UP FOR AUDITIONS TODAY!!!

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