Studio Update: "Out of His Time" is Over and Gearing up for new Adventures!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; January 16, 2016)
     Today, we've got some important news regarding what we're doing this year, so make sure to read through to get the latest news!
     After the policy changes made in December went into effect this year, there has been a massive clean-up of the studio's pipeline, including the aforementioned cancellation of Speeder. Today, we are sad to announce that, after just one year, the comic series Out of His Time has been discontinued. The last comic was posted today and can be read by clicking here. So why did this comic series end? We have a few reasons, as outlined here.
  1. We need to get Journey To Siberia completed before DINO ATTACK: Saga of a Conflict debuts July 1. By ending Out of His Time, this frees up resources and time for the other two comics.
  2. The needed canon information on how Ulysses met Dr. Cyber is provided in the seven comic strips.
  3. There was a loss for inspiration on what to do with Out of His Time in 2016. The original idea was to do a time travel adventure, but we couldn't decide which time period to send the characters to.
Despite this loss, we are certain that the time travel adventures in A Future in the Past will make up for this comic's ending when it is released later this year.
     In other news, the winners for THAC XIII have been announced! Rift did not make it into the top 10 list, but congratulations to those who did, especially the three winners: Mech, Fantasma, and Vengeance of a Different Sort. To see the entire top ten, click here.
     We are also opening more of our archives for fans on the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Wiki. While we aren't re-releasing any more of our films beyond Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen, we have added more information in regard to films, so that all of our films are listed. In addition, we'll be adding several new photos from our archives to fill in the existing pages over the year. During this move, Wiki Mondays: Time Warp will proceed as usual.
     However, with these shake-ups, we've realized that the time has come to revise the canon timeline! Some films are being dropped and others are being added, but this is what it looks like now.
  1. The Film That Changes Everything! (2108 B.C.E.)
  2. New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable (1598)
  3. Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen (1792)
  4. Remember the Alamo (1836)
  5. The Roulette Match (1879)
  6. When Barrels Fly (1882)
  7. Murder in the Karoo (1890)
  8. Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra (1917-1924)
  9. Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Mayan Temple (1935)
  10. Indiana Jones and the Egyptian Tomb (1935)
  11. Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Leopard's Treasure (1937)
  12. Indiana Jones and the Treasure of Tikal (1938)
  13. Van Helbrick: Monster Fighter (1938)
  14. Indiana Jones and the Heart of the Dragon (1940)
  15. Kilroy Was Here! (1942)
  16. Old Home Movies (1974-1984)
  17. Attack of the Fifty-Foot Hamster (1994)
  18. Shootout! (2002)
  19. TBC News: The Volcano Blows (2004)
  20. Com 50 (2004)
  21. Com 50: Peril in Iran (Alternate Timeline 2004)
  22. Com 50 and 007 (2005)
  23. Air Strike (2005)
  24. Rift (2007/Alternate Timeline 2007)
  25. Com 50-3: Raid on Central Island (2007)
  26. The Drama Zone: Nightmare at Shady Acres (Alternate Timeline 2008)
  27. Johnny Thunder and the Secret of the Marco Polo (2008)
  28. Journey to Siberia (2008)
  29. A Very Patrick Christmas - Patrick Movie Only (2008)
  30. The Adventures of Legoman (2009)
  31. Station 9 (2010)
  32. DINO Attack: Saga of a Conflict (Alternate Timeline 2010)
  33. Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile (2010)
  34. Tales of the Adventurers Comics 1-3 (2010)
  35. Wonders of Buoyancy (2010)
  36. Tales of the Adventures Comics 4-6 (2010)
  37. An Afternoon at the Zoo (2011)
  38. Space Attack (2011)
  39. Tales of the Adventurers Comics 7-49 (2011)
  40. Freddy and Joey in Corn Farm (2011)
  41. Forest of Fear (2011)
  42. Seeing Eye Robber (2011)
  43. A Battle to Remember (2011)
  44. The Lost Ruby: An Interactive Adventure (2011)
  45. Gone Ice Fishin' (2012)
  46. Night Guard (2012)
  47. Mystery at Shady Acres - Interactive Version (2012)
  48. Late for the Soccer Match - Trolley-South Switch-Test Shuttle (2012)
  49. Out of His Time Comics 1-6 (2012)
  50. A Greater Cost (2012)
  51. Out of His Time Comic 7 (2012)
  52. A Friend of the Police (2013)
  53. A Bite of MyJobs (2013)
  54. Solarum (2014)
  55. Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients (2014)
  56. True Identity (2014)
  57. The Kingfisher (2015)
  58. Alms Pouch (2015)
  59. Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle (2015)
  60. LEGO Island: The Animated Series (2016)
  61. A Future in the Past (2016)
  62. Alpha Team: Mission Deep City (2017)
  63. Johnny Thunder and the Wonders Beneath the Waves (2018)
  64. B.I.O. Corps (2018)
  65. Mysteries of the Arctic (2019)
  66. Legends of the Universe (2020)
     This is how it looks right now, but if anything happens between now and the results announcement for The Canon that Time Forgot, we'll update this timeline accordingly.
     In other news, it was long-delayed, but Mustache Maniacs Film Co.: The Visual Dictionary - 2nd Edition is gearing up for release later this year! We've still got a ways to go, but work is running smoothly. Here's a sample page from the book for those who are interested.
     Finally, if you want to take a look at what to expect from DINO ATTACK: Saga of a Conflict, then check out the comic's unofficial wiki page on the Dino Attack RPG Wiki by clicking here. Most of it is nothing new, but it does give you a look at some development artwork, as well as a behind the scenes look at the comic's development. One more thing: if you're wondering when part 3 of Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle will be out, all we can say is that we honestly don't know. We're working on it as you're reading this, but we don't have a date set yet.
     But wait! We haven't done our plugs yet! Because we're going to reach out to voice actors across the internet over the coming months, we need to remind all of you to SIGN UP FOR AUDITIONS TODAY!!!
1/18/2016 Update: Adam Shefton has just told us that he will not be able to return to play Pvt. Leo Pickford. We'll be updating the "Auditions" page later today to not only open this character for auditions, but also to update the audition sheet for Numb Chuck, JFR6, and MMW4.
1/31/2016 Update: Marcus Hutchinson, creator of Murder in the Karoo, has confirmed that the film takes place in 1890. Because of this, the canon timeline has been updated. We also have not heard back from Sabrina Lewis, Brian Thompson, and Brandon Maddux, so unless they do write back, all three parts that they were going to play will be put up for auditioning in February.
2/22/2016 Update: We've introduced Shootout! into the canon, so now it's part of the timeline.

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