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Time for Another Vote!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; March 25, 2015)      While we typically don't discuss what is going on behind the scenes here at the studio, we would like to let you know that we are in the process of archiving all of our movies on DVD in full 1920x1080 HD! However, as we continue the archiving process (all of our movies, sans Kilroy Was Here!, are already converted to full HD and are currently being assembled as DVD assets), we came up with a thought that would need some approval from the fan community: should we also archive all of the fan videos in full HD on DVD? This is a simple yes or no survey that will not take much time and only applies to the videos in the playlist "Fan Videos" on our YouTube Channel. Just look for the survey on the right side of this page, and we'll get back to you with the results in May!

Casting Update: We're Revising Round 3 Casting Again!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; March 13, 2015)      As we continue to cast the movies of Project U, we have some important news regarding the current state of casting. First, we would like to mention that we have some more parts cast! Here are all of the recently-cast characters and the actors who will play them.

A Future in the Past: Tim - Alex Hoxie Dr. Bradford Rant - Andrew Adkins Dr. Robert Nicholas - Al Bermudez Zizip - Elizabeth Scarheart Chug - Daniel Bermudez Fritz - Daniel Bermudez

Legacy of Van Helbrick: Ann Lee - Lauren Adkins Ivan Hoo - Alex Hoxie Tanya Kilgrov - Cathy Hoxie Lord Vampyre - Steve Hoxie Ghost - Teresa Bermudez

Alpha Team: Operation Deep City: Natalia Kowalski - Lauren Adkins Announcer - Daniel Bermudez Cashier - Elizabeth Scarheart Driver - Steve Hoxie

     Congratulations to all those who received these parts!      In other news, we have now, for one last time, revised the memo regarding round 3 of casting. Any round 2 parts tha…