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Studio Update: New Experimental Film and Website Expansion Coming Soon!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; August 24, 2011)      With the filming for Forest of Fear coming to a close, some new (and, because of the new policy, approved) projects were revealed earlier today.
     First, the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Website will undergo its first major expansion this Fall. The expansion will include all-new information for Forest of Fear, a new page for the films Station 9 and Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire, and an all-new forum. "What I realized is that, at the moment, becoming a member of the website has no meaning," said Lego Studios CEO Mark Matthew. "By including this forum, the fans can use this ability to become a member to chat with other fans and to share viewpoints on our films. Also, the reason that the fire tech documentaries will have their own page is to hold up their prestige. After all, the FDNY even complimented us for Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire and, while I'm not trying to put any of our films down, th…

First Edition of Ask Mark Matthew!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; August 16, 2011)      Many fans have asked questions in the past, whether it be about our past or current films, our upcoming films, and more. Now, for the first time, Lego Studios CEO Mark Matthew answers YOUR questions! Here are the latest questions:

HollywoodLego writes: I have seen the comics you have made about Johnny Thunder on your blog, They are called the Tales of the Adventurers. I'm wondering, are those the storyboards for your next Johnny Thunder film? Mark: No. They are not the storyboards for Johnny Thunder 3. Instead, they tell an all-new, original, story that happens between Johnny Thunder 2 and Johnny Thunder 3. One of the main functions of the comic is to introduce new characters that will appear in Johnny Thunder 3.

jacksparrow0457 writes: Historylegoman, I love your movies with Johnny Thunder. Is there going to be a third one and will they ever defeat Lord Sinister and maybe you could give me some tips for my Lego Knight's K…

Studio Update: Filming Continues and Another Comic Coming Soon!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; August 8, 2011)      Work at the studio has stepped up recently with the refurbishment of the propertary department. But that isn't the only news for today. There's a lot to cover today, so let's get started!
     Out in the rural, kudzu-filled, forests of Georgia, filming for Forest of Fear continues. Right now, as shown in the provided picture, the scene currently being filmed is one with the angry mob and the werewolf. "I knew from day 1 that the angry mob had to work properly, since it's a major part of the movie," said director Seth Masterson. "Otherwise, most of the film falls flat on its face." After this short scene in the forest, the next scene that will be filmed is the one where the windmill burns down.
     Also, over at, a new contest has started called Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long 2011, or BRAWL 2011. The studio will not release anything for this contest, but if you are a member …