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Studio Update: Another Delay Roundup

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; April 12, 2019)      Why wasn't Wonder's of Buoyancy re-released as scheduled today? The answer to that and more is all in today's update!
"Wonders of Buoyancy" Delayed to April 19, 2019!      While we do have this remastered educational classic ready to go, we've decided to delay it by one week to commemorate our fifteenth anniversary. This highly-honored movie (which has been used by teachers as an authoritative educational film in the past) is perfect for celebrating our anniversary next week, so we are pushing it back to make this anniversary a most noted one. However, because of this change, we have some bad news for you all.
"A Friend of the Police" Re-Release Indefinitely Delayed!      Because we are nowhere near ready to present this returning film to the world, we are delaying this re-release to an undetermined date later this year. We are still scouting far and wide for actors to pl…