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New Contest and Poster Arrive!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; June 26, 2018)      With the arrival of summer comes some great new content for you to explore! Here's what we just released!
"Tales of the Desert" Contest Begins!      It has been some time since we ran a proper contest (our last one was the unsuccessful The Canon that Time Forgot), but we now have a new summer story contest for you to enter! It's titled Tales of the Desert, and it concerns writing a story set in any desert in the world! If your story wins, a prize pack inspired by Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra is up for grabs, along with an official place in the canonical timeline for your story! There's a lot of specific rules to go over, but everything that you need to know is in the contest video, embedded below. Remember to have your entry completed and submitted on or before September 3, 2018! Good luck and drink plenty of water!
Poster Madness Introduces Monstrous Teaser Poster!      W…

All New Ask Mark Matthew!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; June 12, 2018)      Today, we're bringing you an all-new Ask Mark Matthew, containing 100% new material! Let's get started!
General Comments:
LegoKingdomHearts278 writes: When you make your movies, it always seems like you have access to every LEGO Set out there. That is quite incredible!! Mark: Thanks! We actually don't own every LEGO set in existence (nor do we plan on doing so), but we do like to use existing LEGO sets in a strategic manner that allows some beloved past themes to be faithfully adapted in spirit. We thank you for your continued support and we hope you'll be back again soon!
Our Dead Movies Episode 04 - The Invention of Bear-Train Cavorting:
sillypenta writes: Nice to see. Are you planning to make another Johnny Thunder film? Also, I hope you will be able to enter BRAWL again this year. Mark: First, yes. It does not have a release date yet, but Johnny Thunder and the Wonders Beneath the Waves is i…

Backstage Showcase Episode 30 - LEGO Island: The Animated Series

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; June 9, 2018)      We have a brand-new Backstage Showcase episode today, which talks about the never-released LEGO Island: The Animated Series! It has been embedded below so that you can enjoy it for yourself!

Our New Website is Live!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; June 1, 2018)      If you have been following this press room recently, you've probably already heard about the complete overhaul of our website. Today, we want to share that our new website is open! This and more is in today's press release!
Out New Website is Here!      Finally, after about a month of planning, designing, and testing, our new website is now officially online! Replacing the original Webs-hosted site, this new site hosted by Wix features more emphasis on visuals, content, and ease of access, making the website easier to navigate than ever before! Because we wanted to siphon out most of the text boxes and pages that distracted from our content, the following features have now been removed: What's New Change LogAbout Us Page (Now part of the Home page)Members Section (May be re-implemented in the future)Animation Reels PageMusic Page (Scores now on appropriate film pages)Event Calendar PageCritic'…