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Studio Update: Thac 8 Results and More Delays

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; February 25, 2011)      With the last weekend in February upon us, it's now time to do an update of the happenings around Lego Studios.      First off, the winners of Twenty Four Hour Animation Contest 8 have been announced; Lego Studio's own When Barrels Fly got 16th place. Congratulations to all of the winners and well done to all who entered. Here is the official results sheet from
     Keep in mind that these are only the user names. If you want to see their entries, just go to the Bricksinmotion forum and click on the thread "THAC 8 - 25 Finalists" under the sub forum "Contests and Festivals."      In other news, MORE delays have occurred. The studio's Tales of Yore entry Making Tracks and the highly anticipated Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients will both be delayed for later dates. "I know that the fans are really looking forward to these films, but were just so busy with ano…

10th Tales of the Adventurers!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Crazyhouse Comics Studio; February 21, 2011)      It's time for a very special Tales of the Adventurers! Why? Because this is our 10th comic! A lot has happened since Lord Sinister and Patrick stumbled through the desert and now, the Adventurers and the Deep Sea Salvage Crew will be teaming up for the first time to hunt for pirate treasure! Before we begin, here is the answer to the previous challenge: Samantha's Supplies.      According to the comic, the first aid kits are 9.99, the flashlights are 9.99, the water purification tablets are 2.99, the writing tablets are 19.99, and the cool shades are 7.99. Therefore: 19.99 + (2*9.99) + (3*9.99) + (4*2.99) + 7.99 = $89.89      Now here is today's challenge: Unwanted Guest.      Uh, oh! Someone has followed Johnny to the Bahamas! Can you find this devious treasure hunter hiding in today's comic?
     If you spot the answer to today's challenge, be sure to let us know in the comments. Also, visit …

New 'Tales of the Adventurers' now online!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Crazyhouse Comics Studio; February 6, 2011)      Just shortly after the release of the previous Tales of the Adventurers, the next one is now available! But before we begin, here is the answer to the previous challenge: find an electronic musical household decoration.      In the fourth panel, on the wall behind Ace Speedman, is an electronic singing fish (I'm sure we remember those from ten years ago!).      Now here is the next comic. However, this time, the challenge will be presented after the comic.
     Here is the next challenge: Samantha's Supplies.      For their next expedition, Samantha buys three flashlights, one writing tablet, two first aid kits, four boxes of water purification tablets and one pair of cool shades (Lance insisted). She thought about getting some scuba suits, but Ace pointed out that they could just use the diving suits they already have. Using the prices provided in the comic and neglecting any coupons or sales tax, how much…

Studio Update: Good News and Bad News

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; February 2, 2011)      It's Groundhog Day, which brings us to some good news and bad news. But before we begin, here is the answer to the challenge in the previous Tales of the Adventurers comic: find a series 3 collectible minifigure.      In the third panel, where Johnny is talking to Sarah, you can see the Samurai Warrior behind them on display in an alcove.      Now it's time for some good news! After a week-and-a-half delay, the next Tales of the Adventurers is now up! This one continues where the last one left off and offers a new challenge: find an electronic, musical household decoration (hint: keep your eyes peeled and your mind open for this one. I got a little more creative this time, so it may not be what you expect!)
     This strip is only the beginning of an astounding adventure! The stakes will get higher and the biweekly challenges will get harder.      Now for the bad news. Just like the Union Pacific's side of the Tran…