Studio Update: Good News and Bad News

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; February 2, 2011)
     It's Groundhog Day, which brings us to some good news and bad news. But before we begin, here is the answer to the challenge in the previous Tales of the Adventurers comic: find a series 3 collectible minifigure.
     In the third panel, where Johnny is talking to Sarah, you can see the Samurai Warrior behind them on display in an alcove.
     Now it's time for some good news! After a week-and-a-half delay, the next Tales of the Adventurers is now up! This one continues where the last one left off and offers a new challenge: find an electronic, musical household decoration (hint: keep your eyes peeled and your mind open for this one. I got a little more creative this time, so it may not be what you expect!)

     This strip is only the beginning of an astounding adventure! The stakes will get higher and the biweekly challenges will get harder.
     Now for the bad news. Just like the Union Pacific's side of the Transcontinental Railroad, there has been an unexpected delay in starting the script for Making Tracks. However, there is nothing to worry about. A complete script will be done by the end of February. From there, production and post-production will last from March to June, with a release to the judges in early July. The film will debut publicly on July 22nd.
     And that brings us to our debuts round-up. New flash cartoons will come out mid-to-late spring, Forest of Fear will haunt your way October 2011, animated greetings starring some familiar faces will arrive November 2011, and Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients will be revealed Summer 2012.


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