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A Whole Extra Day for Announcements!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; February 29, 2012)      Happy Leap Day, everyone! This is an occasion that only comes around every four years, so be sure to celebrate! In fact, this leap day is the first one since the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Press Room went online, so it was only fitting that we have a big announcement session today! Let's get started!      After the success of Project Proofread, the on-going project to spell check all of the previous press releases, the studio has now decided to extend the project so that now it will encompass all of the video descriptions as well! Along with this spell check, all of the video descriptions will also get the links that the latest videos have gotten. This project to correct the press releases and video descriptions will continue until June 2012.
     Another new thing coming this Summer is a reboot of the canceled The Adventures of Legoman Comic Book! The rebooted comic book will remain the same as before, but now it will hav…

Studio Update: Filming Update, What's Going on With "Gone Ice Fishin'," and More

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; February 17, 2012)      From filming a global adventure to animating a passionate polar bear, there has been a lot happening at Lego Studios! Here is an overview of what's been going on recently.      Due to some technical difficulties, the filming for Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients was stalled for a week. Tom Gifford, the best boy for the movie noted, "Before we started filming the cafe scene, I must have wired one of the lights wrong because, when I turned it on, it started flickering like a disco ball. We tried to digitally work around it, but it was too much work. However, I seized the moment with some drinks I bought at the bar. That's how you get a party started! Whoops. Did I say that aloud?"      After Tom Gifford was fired, assistant director Barry Hollows finished with, "I would just like to remind everyone that this issue has been resolved, and we plan on getting the scene finished this weekend."…

All New Ask Mark Matthew!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; February 5, 2012) Today, we bring you another 'Ask Mark Matthew,' containing 100% new material! Let's get started!

TLFScarheart writes: About time [the Forest of Fear Production Gallery was uploaded]! Where’s Daniel?
Mark: He wasn't available for the production gallery narration because he was working that day. He works as a Jungle Cruise Skipper at Disneyland! That aside, Disney would like everyone to know that they really don't want anyone stalking any of their cast members. As it is, the issue of cast members getting stalked is bad enough. So please, don't stalk Daniel or any cast member for that matter.

LegoKingdomHearts278 writes: This scene [the Battle for Xi'an in Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo] has sooo much action in it!! What I would like to know is how Johnny Thunder and his friends get mixed up in it. At first they were simply watching Mulan, then the Opera House turns into a war house. At the same …

All-new Contest and Promotion Officially Start!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; February 2, 2012)      While the filming for Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients continues and animating for Gone Ice Fishin' is on hold, Lego Studios responded to its recent poll by releasing an all-new contest and promotion titled "Vacation: Unlimited." This new promotion will last from now until the Spring of 2013 and will consist of multiple things. The main part of this promotion is the vacation contest, where participants are challenged to either build a diorama or make an animation. The full rules are on the contest page ( Also part of the promotion are a guessing game, vacation-themed animations, and an extensive travel journal of our excursions. Some of the entries to expect are: A review of Transformers: The Ride, coming this May to Universal Studios HollywoodA walk through of The Lair, an all-new, climate controlled, reptile house coming soon to the Los An…