All-new Contest and Promotion Officially Start!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; February 2, 2012)
     While the filming for Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients continues and animating for Gone Ice Fishin' is on hold, Lego Studios responded to its recent poll by releasing an all-new contest and promotion titled "Vacation: Unlimited." This new promotion will last from now until the Spring of 2013 and will consist of multiple things. The main part of this promotion is the vacation contest, where participants are challenged to either build a diorama or make an animation. The full rules are on the contest page ( Also part of the promotion are a guessing game, vacation-themed animations, and an extensive travel journal of our excursions. Some of the entries to expect are:
  • A review of Transformers: The Ride, coming this May to Universal Studios Hollywood
  • A walk through of The Lair, an all-new, climate controlled, reptile house coming soon to the Los Angeles Zoo
  • Photo coverage of Manta, a roller coaster opening this Summer at Sea World San Diego
  • Trip reports from San Francisco, Orlando, and other destinations
  • A sneak preview of Cars Land, opening this June at Disney California Adventure
  • A travel itinerary to help you on your own trips
  • Hikes through scenic parks and forests
  • And much, much more!
     While the contest officially kicks off today, the travel journal and the guessing game both start on Sunday. "We are pleased to bring such an experience to our fans," said Lego Studios CEO Mark Matthew. "We plan to have our travel journal bring each of these places to life in such a way that it will be the next best thing to actually going there. We also want this to be an interactive experience for our fans, with the contest and guessing game. When this is all over in April 2013, we want to have finished a strong promotional campaign that will transcend websites." Despite the massiveness of this promotion, other studio activities will continue as normal, like creation of the Tales of the Adventurers comics, making the Zoo Flight game, and the filming of Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients. The promotion will not alter the other projects in any way, either.
     Finally, two things had to be delayed. First, the next "Ask Mark Matthew" had to be delayed further into February to collect and answer questions. But this means you now have more time to ask questions! Also, the release of Gone Ice Fishin' has been delayed indefinitely, with the only release date being a vague "coming in 2012."
     As for other releases, From the Vaults re-releases will continue from now until April 2014, new animations using CGI and more will come out this Spring, and Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients will be discovered Summer 2014.
     Update: We are pleased to announce that the next "Ask Mark Matthew" has NOT been delayed! It will be posted shortly.


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