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The Adventures of Legoman Production Gallery is Now Online!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; May 22, 2009)      Memorial day is fast approaching, and with it comes a new film from the studio. With a very busy weekend fast approaching, the studio has now released The Adventures of Legoman Production Galleryand Studio Tour. In this film, audiences will learn about some facts about the filming of The Adventures of Legoman, as well as hear a few stories from the set. Also, the film includes a complete tour of Lego Studios, where some scenes for the movie, such as the Legocave and the street chase, were filmed. "We decided to make it similar to Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo Production Gallery because that first production gallery was so easy to understand," said Mark Matthew, head of the board of directors. "Since the first one was such a hit, we expect this one to reap great success as well." Director Simon Johnathon added, "We hope that this film will get more people to watch The Adventures of Legoman, e…

Filming for Johnny Thunder 2 Teaser is now Finished!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; May 15, 2009)      As pre-production begins for some of the other planned shorts, including Black Friday, the crew went out into a far recess of the Lego Studios backlot to film the Johnny Thunder 2 teaser. "We had to film as far away from the studio's front lot as possible," said gaffer Sam Reynolds. "Otherwise, the tabloids would let everyone know where the film will take place. This is a detail that we have to keep secret until the teaser comes out in early June, and the same goes for the title."
     However, Steven Lawrence, director of the first Johnny Thunder film, said that the footage in the teaser will not appear in the final film. When reporters at the Lego Times (formerly called the Brick Street Journal) asked why he was doing this, Steven replied, "I wanted this footage to give the audience a general idea of what to expect in the film. I don't expect to start filming until this August, since certain mate…

Work Begins on Planned Short Films.

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; May 12, 2009)      As Summer Vacation approaches, the studio has now announced that work has already started on the short films. Also, the Johnny Thunder 2 teaser, which is the first of these films, will be filmed next week. "Although the footage for the teaser will not appear in the finished film, it will certainly help us work with the mood we want to evoke," said director Steven Lawrence. "It will also give the audience a general idea of what the film will be like." It is scheduled to be released late May/early June 2009.      Also, it is planned that the scripts for the other films, including Black Friday, will be written during this time. "We hope that these scripts require techniques that we haven't used before, so that we can practice some of the techniques that are needed for Johnny Thunder 2," said Simon Johnathon, director of The Adventures of Legoman. The scripts are expected to be completed in early June…