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LIVE UPDATE: Last Call for "The Quest for Canonization" Entries and Auditions!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; July 31, 2015) (1:46 PM PDT) After months of working, filming, drawing, and more, we are now nearing an important deadline. Tonight at midnight are the deadlines for both entries for The Quest for Canonization and the current round of auditions! Currently, this is where both stand in terms of participation.
The Quest for Canonization entries: A Greater Cost (TLFScarheart)
Current Audition Bracket: Dr. Cyber - Nathan "Willow Tree" Mellace Wacco - Chloe Zavaleta; Marcus Hutchinson; Jay Silver; Holly Lindin; Robert Olisah Dr. Jeff Fisher - Andrew Adkins Professor Heinrik Kowalski - Marcus Hutchinson; Al Bermudez Professor Millennium - Jim Freeman Tony Twister - Marcus Hutchinson Baron Von Stuka IV - Marcus Hutchinson; JMC Studios Pvt. Josh Eldon - Marcus Hutchinson; JMC Studios Major Quinton Steele - Daniel Bermudez Frank Rock - Al Bermudez Russell Spectre - Alex Hoxie; Marcus Hutchinson Judy - Chloe Zavaleta; Lauren Adk…

Studio Update: Getting Back to Work and Filming Begins for Big Project!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; July 23, 2015)      Now that we have settled into our new location, we have returned to work on our multiple projects! Let's see what has been going on.      First, after long delays, work is picking back up for the comics Out of His Time, Journey to Siberia, and DINO Attack: Saga of a Conflict. For the last one, we are working closely with the RPG's writers to make this story as accurate as possible. The other two comics will continue their runs as currently scheduled.      In other news, filming has continued briskly for Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle...until it was discovered that one of the trucks needed for tomorrow's shoot isn't ready yet. "The worst part is, we got word that it needs another week to be finished," said director Steven Lawrence. "We can't sit around waiting for someone else to fix their mistake, using up the studio's money. Mark Matthew will not be happy." O…

"Our Good Neighbor" Has Been Cancelled!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; July 2, 2015)      Just one day after submitting the script for review, we have some news that surprised even us. The upcoming Darkness and Light entry Our Good Neighbor has been cancelled! How this came about was actually kind of funny, according to resident scriptwriter Peter Samuel. "Yesterday, I sent the script to the producers to see what they thought of it. They hated it so thoroughly, they scrawled several jokes on the cover, chanting 'Our good neighbor State Farm is there,' before throwing it in the trash. Getting back to business, they said that it had no substance and no plot." After taking a breath, he continued. "First, it's 'Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,' second, I was following their orders to make an edgy script that fits into the cinematic universe."      This then brought up the elephant in the room: hating a script is no reason to cancel it. Responding t…

Happy Ten Years, Dino Attack RPG!

By: Andrew Bermudez (LEGO Studios; July 1, 2015)      On this day ten years ago, the Dino Attack RPG, which is the inspiration for the upcoming comics DINO ATTACK: Saga of a Conflict, officially started on BZPower. Since we are directly collaborating with the RPG's authors to bring the game to life through comics and play sets, we would like to commemorate this day with some teasers! First up is a work-in-progress page from the first book for the series, DINO ATTACK: Saga of a Conflict! Since most of the content is confidential, all of the final text has been removed.      We would also like to share some information regarding the upcoming Dino Attack RPG-themed Project U-Build Play Set Adventures! While they won't all be released simultaneously, we do have a set list, along with set numbers and hypothetical price points, just to get an idea of the size of each set. So, in numerical order, the sets are going to be: 40004: Collectible Characters Series 5: Dino Attack: Saga of a…

All New Ask Mark Matthew!

By: Andrew Bermudez (LEGO Studios; July 1, 2015)      Today we bring you another 'Ask Mark Matthew,' containing 100% new material! Let's get started!
Elizabeth Scarheart writes:Is There going to be a teaser or trailer for the Alpha Team film? Mark: There certainly will be! We are looking into releasing a teaser later this month, but with all of the recent activity with moving to our new location, we literally haven't been able to work on anything. We are almost done, though, so we should have it out either this month or next month. A full trailer should be out by Thanksgiving.
A Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan writes: Hold on. You're getting into set reviews? Mark: Yes we are! You see, either later this month or next month, we're going to start a brand-new channel for our new set review series, titled Between Takes Set Reviews. We are going to host this on another channel for two reasons. 1: The reviews cater to a different audience. That way, anyone that is interes…