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"Ocean of Fear" is Here!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; June 30, 2019)      We have a brand-new film here, so let's "dive" in, shall we?
Ocean of Fear Has Been Released!      After just a few days of development, our newest film, Ocean of Fear, has now been released! This film follows Mary and Leo, who are on another vacation, which is certain to go awry! You can watch the film right here! This film was produced as an entry for BRAWL 2019 and is the official sequel to our most popular film, Forest of Fear! With this film comes another special announcement.
"Double Up Week" Starts TODAY!      This Friday also marks the release of our long-awaited (and long-delayed) film, The Pen, so we're celebrating the release of two films with special content each day this week! Here's what you can expect each day. Sunday - Ocean of FearMonday - Limited-time return of Wiki Mondays with a new page - Ocean of Fear! (Wiki Mondays will run between July 1 - August 26)Tues…

Mary and Leo Return in "Ocean of Fear!"

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; June 26, 2019)
     As we approach the end of June, we have TWO very important announcements to make!
"Ocean of Fear" is Coming June 30!      As part of Bricks in Motion's BRAWL 2019, we're pleased to announce that we are making a sequel to Forest of Fear titled Ocean of Fear! Mary and Leo are back for another vacation, and this time, they're going on a tropical sightseeing tour. But when their tour goes awry and strands them underwater inside their shark cage, their well-meaning captain decides to give them the excitement that Mary never asked for! This quick and funny sequel to our most popular film will give you shivers of laughter! This film will be released on June 30, though that does bring us to our next point.
"The Pen" has been Delayed to July 5!
     As this unique film is taking longer than expected to complete, its release date is moving one last time to July 5. That way, this film ca…

Studio Update: Yet Another Delay

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; June 14, 2019)      Today, we have a quick update to bring to all of you, so here's what's going on right now.
"The Pen" Delayed by One Week!      It was supposed to come out today, but due to unforeseen circumstances, The Pen has been delayed to June 21. We are working to get this film ready, but we still need more time. We have a way to compensate, though.
6/18/2019 Update:The Pen has been delayed to June 28 now, in order to complete post-production. Production will conclude this week.
"A Friend of the Police" has been Re-Released!      After some tweaking, A Friend of the Police has been re-released! We didn't make too many changes, but here's what is different. The logo was updated to match our current branding.The audio was cleaned and enhanced.Background sounds were added.Fight sounds were added to the finale.The entire film was filtered with a slight purple tint. You can watch the film o…