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'Johnny Thunder 2' Toys Have an Early Release!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Lego Studios; June 15, 2010)      Several months ago, the Cafe Corner restaurant in downtown announced that between June 21st and and August 30th, 2010, free toys based on the two Johnny Thunder films would come with the Klutz Kidz meal. However, the studio has allowed the toys to be released early in hopes of increasing the hype even more. Unlike last year's toys for The Adventures of Legoman, however, these toys will be mini play sets that include characters that go along with the scene. These are the eight play sets.      Boulder Ambush: While escaping from the Scorpion Palace, Johnny and his friends get chased by an enormous boulder through the hallways of an ancient city! Includes Johnny, Pippin, Babloo, Thief #3, Lord Sinister and Billy figurines. Also includes spring action boulder and track to "chase" the adventurers.      Three Questions: The adventurers are almost to the golden sword, but they first must get past the traps in the temple befo…

Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo Fan Page!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; June 8, 2010)      I've just discovered that one of the voice actors from the movie Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo has created a fan page on Facebook. Unfortunately, she is in the know and is giving away secrets about the sequel. In spite of this, the fan page is a great place if you would like to discuss the first movie or the sequel. I might even join in on the fun myself.