'Johnny Thunder 2' Toys Have an Early Release!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; June 15, 2010)
     Several months ago, the Cafe Corner restaurant in downtown announced that between June 21st and and August 30th, 2010, free toys based on the two Johnny Thunder films would come with the Klutz Kidz meal. However, the studio has allowed the toys to be released early in hopes of increasing the hype even more. Unlike last year's toys for The Adventures of Legoman, however, these toys will be mini play sets that include characters that go along with the scene. These are the eight play sets.
     Boulder Ambush: While escaping from the Scorpion Palace, Johnny and his friends get chased by an enormous boulder through the hallways of an ancient city! Includes Johnny, Pippin, Babloo, Thief #3, Lord Sinister and Billy figurines. Also includes spring action boulder and track to "chase" the adventurers.
     Three Questions: The adventurers are almost to the golden sword, but they first must get past the traps in the temple before they confront the Shaman of the Mountains. Includes Johnny, Dr. Kilroy, Harry, Shaman, Robert Teabing, Lord Sinister and Sangye Dorje figurines. Also features temple with traps, collapsing bridge, "pop-action" spring for flinging figurines, and sliding wall.
     Mao's Headquarters: From his sheet metal command station, Mao Zedong III commands the Chinese army as he moves in to destroy Chang Wu's forces. But Colonel Mustard has other ideas in mind. Includes Mao Zedong III, Mong Hu, Colonel Mustard and Aid figurines. Also includes Mao's command motorcycle, UN Peacekeeping truck, helicopter and command hut filled with maps and documents.
     Dragon Fortress Battle: As the Chinese army attacks the Dragon Fortress, Chang Wu becomes superhuman, bringing the wrath of Jun-Chi down on the soldiers. Only Jing Lee can save the day with her sword fighting and martial arts moves. Who will win? Comes with Jing Lee, Dan Brown, Johnny, Mong Hu, Soldier, Chang Wu, Lord Sinister, Patrick and Fortress Guard figurines. Also includes effect functions for the battle, Jun-Chi monster, golden armor and the Golden Dragon!
     Bus Chase: Uh, oh! Slyboots has stolen the map to the Heart of Osiris! Quick, give that bus driver a huge amount of money so he will chase after him! This is going to be on bumpy ride! Includes Johnny, Hiram, Dr. Kilroy, Sarah, Bus Driver, Slyboots, Lord Sinister, Russian Mercenary and Patrick figurines. Also includes bus, 4wd, attack jeep, roundabout, bridge with breakaway function and buildings to pass by during the chase.
     Lost in the Desert: Patrick read the map, leading Lord Sinister and his men into the middle of the desert. Go figure. Includes Lord Sinister, Patrick, Horatio, Sally, Slyboots, Bandit and Russian Mercenary figurines. Also includes a palm tree, 4wd, attack jeep and hologram card to create a "mirage."
     Ship Attack: Lord Sinister and his men attack the cruise ship Johnny and his friends are on! This will be their greatest challenge yet. Includes Johnny, Sarah, Harry, Dr. Kilroy, Preserver, Lord Sinister, Slyboots, Horatio and Said figurines. Also includes cruise ship, amphibious duck vehicle, raft and a variety of weapons.
     Abu Simbel: Johnny has found the long lost Heart of Osiris, but Lord Sinister got there, too. watch out, Johnny! Includes Johnny, Sarah, Harry, Hiram, Lord Sinister, Patrick, Horatio and Sally figurines. Also includes chamber with the heart, roadster, main Abu Simbel hall, dart room and blow-apart dynamite.
     These toys are part of a continuing agreement between Lego Studios and Cafe Corner. They will remain until August 30th, 2010.


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