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"Ninjago: Visions of Memories" is Here!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; August 5, 2016) After several months in development, our latest film, Ninjago: Visions of Memories, has now arrived for public viewing! You can watch it on YouTube here, or by viewing the embedded video below.      This release comes at a time when several studio projects are shifting gears. Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra is chugging along for a Fall 2016 release, and preliminary work has started for The Third Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards, which debuts in January. A Future in the Past will be begin filming as the filming for Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra winds down, but that film's pre-production is essentially done, even if some of the parts haven't been cast yet. On top of all this, there's talk of doing another THAC entry this winter to introduce another upcoming character. We will keep you informed.      Now that all of that's done, it's time for our plugs with li…

All New Ask Mark Matthew!

By: Andrew Bermudez (Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; August 1, 2016)      Today we bring you another 'Ask Mark Matthew,' containing 100% new material! Let's get started!

A Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan writes: Who are the new casting choices? Mark: Because of a lack of auditions, the only two new casting choices would be Chad Fischer as Dareth and Brian Quexyz as Sensei Wu. Even then, the only reason for that would be because of Ninjago: Visions of Memories. Here's to hoping that round 6 turns out better!
HollywoodLego writes: I have another question, do you remember a motion orient expedition comic on If so, name the elements from that comic that you put in The Secret of Marco Polo. Also, were the riddles in your movie taken from the comic? Mark: Yes! We do remember the Orient Expedition online comics! They actually played a very crucial role in the writing process for Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, and while the script ended up being a loo…