Work Begins on Planned Short Films.

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; May 12, 2009)
     As Summer Vacation approaches, the studio has now announced that work has already started on the short films. Also, the Johnny Thunder 2 teaser, which is the first of these films, will be filmed next week. "Although the footage for the teaser will not appear in the finished film, it will certainly help us work with the mood we want to evoke," said director Steven Lawrence. "It will also give the audience a general idea of what the film will be like." It is scheduled to be released late May/early June 2009.
     Also, it is planned that the scripts for the other films, including Black Friday, will be written during this time. "We hope that these scripts require techniques that we haven't used before, so that we can practice some of the techniques that are needed for Johnny Thunder 2," said Simon Johnathon, director of The Adventures of Legoman. The scripts are expected to be completed in early June. Then, shooting will be done in late July, since the studio executives are planning on going on a two-month vacation.


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