New Contest and Poster Arrive!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; June 26, 2018)
     With the arrival of summer comes some great new content for you to explore! Here's what we just released!

"Tales of the Desert" Contest Begins!
     It has been some time since we ran a proper contest (our last one was the unsuccessful The Canon that Time Forgot), but we now have a new summer story contest for you to enter! It's titled Tales of the Desert, and it concerns writing a story set in any desert in the world! If your story wins, a prize pack inspired by Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra is up for grabs, along with an official place in the canonical timeline for your story! There's a lot of specific rules to go over, but everything that you need to know is in the contest video, embedded below.
Remember to have your entry completed and submitted on or before September 3, 2018! Good luck and drink plenty of water!

Poster Madness Introduces Monstrous Teaser Poster!
     With the new website's most frequent tweaks being the addition of new posters for page links, we are constantly working on new posters! From simple posters like the one for Air Strike to the more ambitious Legends of the Universe poster, Poster Madness' return has been more ambitious than ever! And now, this brings us to the latest poster: Van Helbrick and the Monster Fighters!
Being a teaser poster, this one is more about the atmosphere than showing any story moments. Here are some fun "Easter eggs" around the poster:
  • The tagline at the top of the poster is a nod to the film's original title: Legacy of Van Helbrick.
  • The title treatment was completely redesigned for this poster, creating a Victorian/Gothic hybrid aesthetic. It was designed to pay homage to the LEGO Monster Fighters logo.
  • Also on the subject of the title treatment, it was completely designed in Adobe After Effects, just like the title treatment for Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle.
  • Even though the film will be a Brickfilm, no LEGO elements appear in this poster, as it is again about atmosphere.
If you want a closer look at the film's new title treatment, here it is by itself.
The film will be released at a future time, after the release of A Future in the Past.

Another Canon Update!
     These have become fairly frequent, but here is what is new in the official canon.
  • Every reality that has been defined thus far is now designated by a numerical code. They are as follows:
    • Dimension 418 (events of Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Cinematic Universe)
    • Dimension 525 (events of DINO Attack RPG and LEGO Universe)
    • Dimension 8231 (the Antiverse)
    • Dimension 1221 (events of short story 12/21/10)
    • Dimension 1360 (events of short story L.E.G.O.)
  • Whenever a new dimension is introduced, it will have a numerical code associated with it to keep everything organized.
  • Physical imagination does not naturally occur in Dimension 418, meaning that the Maelstrom does not exist in this dimension. It can only come from other realities.
  • To define what happens to the Dimension 418 versions of certain DINO Attack RPG characters, here is the run-down:
    • Silencia Venomosa (Amanda Remous) has a history that mirrors that of her 525 counterpart, with the two differences being that her 2008 inter-dimensional job never happened (at that time, alternate reality theorizing was just a fringe topic), and her meeting with Roger Remous in 2009 did not convince her to give up on her profession. It did, however, convince her to break her vow of silence.
    • Talia Kaahs and George Ogel are happily married in 1958, but after George's brother William Ogel changed his name to Ogel after being booted from New Silicon Systems and turning evil in 1993, George took on Talia's last name out of shame. Both died in 2000 due to a power plant explosion on a "take your daughter to work day" event.
    • Ronald Alexander lived out his life with no discernible events. He never created the Jugend serum and died in his sleep after retiring on Central Island from the automotive industry in 2004.
As always, if anything else needs to be addressed in the canon, we'll have it covered right here for anything new. And as always, the official wiki is a great source of canon information.

Lead Out
     Are you looking forward to Van Helbrick and the Monster Fighters? Are you going to make a story or animation for Tales of the Desert? Comment below!


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