Alms Pouch Has a Release Date and Other News!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; May 8, 2015)
     With the weekend in full swing and with Kilroy Was Here! Month already steadily progressing, we have some great news to share! Here's what has happened here over the past week.
     First, we are pleased to announce that Alms Pouch has an official release date! This short animated film will be released on July 10, right in the middle of the summer season. It may not have much, but it is sure to please. And while you wait, here is the official theatrical poster for the film, released today as part of Poster Madness.
     However, the one film we really want out this year may not be a summer film after all. Because of where it is at in production, Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle will have to be a fall or holiday film. "The one thing we need to ensure is that this film is out by the end of 2015," said LEGO Studios CEO Mark Matthew. "This year is the tenth anniversary of Alpha Team's ending, and most of the film's promotional material gauges on this fact. If we have it out in November or December, I'll be fine as long as that happens this year." So, while the wait for that will have to be a little longer, we have some more news to please you!
     Today, we are pleased to open the doors of Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Publishing, which will be creating new books about our different films. The first of these will also be released this fall or holiday season: Mustache Maniacs Film Co.: The Visual Dictionary 2nd Edition! "It was back in 2009 when the first visual dictionary was released," said Mark Matthew. "Since then, we've released tons of new content, including the two sequels to Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, the award-winning films New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable, A Friend of the Police, and Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire, comics like Tales of the Adventurers and Out of His Time, notably popular films like Forest of Fear and An Afternoon at the Zoo, games like Mustache Maniacs-opoly and The Lost Ruby: An Interactive Adventure, and so much more. Because we've more than doubled the amount of content we've created since then, updating this book was only a given." In addition to this, the existing pages will be updated in order to better fit higher image resolutions and to contain more accurate details. This book will be out anywhere between September and December. An exact date will be provided at a later time.
     And that is all of the news we have today. Remember that we are still casting for our future films, so SIGN UP FOR AUDITIONS TODAY!!!

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