"The Easter Egg" has Hatched!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co.; April 10, 2020)
     Maybe not everyone will be able to have a big Easter celebration this year, but our latest film will get you into the spirit!

The Easter Egg has been Released!
     Celebrate Easter with The Easter Egg, which has just been released! If you're stuck at home this Easter (which we imagine would be several of you), there is no better way to get into the spirit of Easter and spring than with...Flamingo and Crafty Rat! Enjoy this hilarious Easter egg-scapade right now with the embedded film below!

Our Current Covid-19 State.
     With the landscape of our society changing daily due to Covid-19, we have some important updates to share. We are trying to keep the studio up and running as much as we can, but we are going to have to make some sacrifices in the coming months. Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra will still be released on April 17 as scheduled, but we have some other important information to share in light of the current situation.

  • The proposed release time frame for Patrick: The Movie for late 2020 is going to be scrapped. While there is still a possibility of releasing the film this year, we are not counting on it.
  • Our last three re-releases, The Adventures of Legoman, Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile, and Alms Pouch will all be released by the end of this year, but will be staggered slowly throughout the year, just in case Patrick: The Movie is delayed to 2021. We cannot commit to any more specific release time frames than this, so please bear with us.
  • With studio construction still on-going during this time, we are evaluating our current slate of content in order to decide what can stay and what must go. Project U is sticking around, but some of our other projects (especially long-dormant ones) may not.
  • While we typically don't think about BRAWL around this time of year, this year is going to be different. We are currently unsure if we will participate, but we will make a formal announcement regarding the contest whether or not the current stay-at-home order is extended through the summer (though we are not expecting this to happen right now).
Thank you for your patience, stay safe, and please leave some toilet paper for Mark Matthew!
Notice from Mark Matthew: After reading that dumb joke that might rub some of our fans the wrong way, I have fired the writer of this press release. Now let us resume.

Legends of the Universe Teaser Coming October 26, 2020!
     There is one release date that we can commit to right now. The first-ever teaser trailer for Legends of the Universe will make its debut on October 26, 2020, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the film's source material, LEGO Universe! "One thing that was noted after the overhaul of our website from our testers was that they wanted to see trailers for all of our upcoming films, but currently, only A Future in the Past and Johnny Thunder and the Wonders Beneath the Waves have trailers, while the rest of our upcoming films only have descriptions," said LEGO Studios CEO Mark Matthew. "We're working to change that, with teasers for all of our upcoming films coming soon!" Currently, only the teaser for Legends of the Universe has a release date. Due to the on-going pandemic, we are not committing to release dates for any of the other teasers.

     Happy Easter, Mustache Maniacs Film Co. fans! Once you're done with this special celebration, get ready for Pharaoh's Quest: The Cures of Amset-Ra, coming April 17, 2020!


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