Revive a Cancelled Film in 2020!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; June 2, 2019)
     Did you ever wish one of our cancelled films was actually made? Well, next year, we're giving fourteen of our cancelled films another chance at life! Read on to find out more!

Cancelled Film Revival Coming in 2020!
     For our twentieth anniversary in 2024, we're going to be long done with all of our special editions, so we're going to celebrate our past that year with an unusual promotion: we're going to revive one (and only one) of our cancelled films and make it into an actual film! We're starting the preparations now so that we can finish the film on time, so next year, we'll put a major question up for the fans to vote on.

Which Cancelled Film Will Be Created?
     This is where your vote comes in. We have scoured our archives for cancelled films, and after collecting all that we could find, we curated the collection into the candidates for revival that you can find below. We've created short descriptions for each one, but voting won't actually start until 2020. Until then, we'll be posting more information throughout the rest of the year, including concept art to sell each potential film. So, without further ado, here are the cancelled films that have been selected for nomination.

  • Rock Raiders: High Adventure Deep Underground (Cancelled in 2003) - This adaption of the cult classic LEGO theme follows the exploits of a team of space miners hundreds of years in the future, who are caught in a wormhole that sends their damaged ship to another galaxy! Fortunately for them, a nearby planet has a treasure trove of energy crystals, which they need to re-power their ship! Unfortunately, energy crystals are not the only thing that they find on the newly-dubbed Planet U.
  • Legoman: The Crafty Clown Caper (Cancelled in 2005) - Legoman is on the case again, and this time, Brickzo the Clown is up to his old tricks again! But when a robbery occurs that Brickzo confesses to have executed despite not possibly being able to commit it, Legoman searches high and low for his accomplice!
  • The Vikings (Cancelled in 2005) - Based on a short comic written by Andrew Bermudez, this film focuses on a band of comical vikings and their failed attempt to pillage a small village! When their leader, Big Horn, orders them to burn down the town, things really start to heat up!
  • Captain Redbeard's Lost Gold (Cancelled in 2009) - Follow the exploits of Captain Redbeard in his last days upon the high seas! After losing his treasure and ship in the flashback in Wonders of Buoyancy, he sets out on one last quest to recover his treasure from the ocean depths! But the treasure was actually pillaged from Captain Ironhook, who also wants his treasure back! Who will succeed?
  • Black Friday (Cancelled in 2009) - It's the day after Thanksgiving, and everyone is at the giant Amenity Warehouse store to get the best deals! But will this annual shopping holiday get out of hand too quickly, or will the shoppers be able to find their composure in time?
  • Officer Spot (Cancelled in 2010) - When a small town's sheriff is booted for allegations of corruption, the town's only police officer left is the police dog! When news of this reaches the dog, it decides to take the law into its own paws and clean up the town! And maybe by then, a new sheriff will have been elected to change out the dog chow!
  • Bear in the Woods (Cancelled in 2010) - A hiker seems to have been mauled by a bear in Bluebell National Park, but an amateur sleuth suspects that foul play is at hand. Working with the local police, the detective soon uncovers a surprise even he didn't see coming!
  • Legoettes Take Manhattan (Cancelled in 2014) - A group of young, aspiring stars rise the ladder of fame to fulfill their dreams of becoming Broadway stars! But it won't be easy, as this business isn't easy for these naive dreamers! Will they be able to make it to the top of the charts?
  • Our Good Neighbor (Cancelled in 2015) - After divorcing her ex-husband and moving to a new town, she meets and falls in love with a new man and starts a new life. But her new love is of particular interest to Solarum and her ex-husband, who both want the new love gone for different reasons! Who will prevail?
  • Speeder (Cancelled in 2016) - On their first date, a girl's boyfriend drives his car too fast, leaving her in a panic and leading them in a police pursuit. When all is resolved in this remake of a pre-formation era film, something special happens that no one could have seen coming!
  • Cedric's Siege (Cancelled in 2016) - Based on the 2000 LEGO Knight's Kingdom sets, it's the middle ages, and everyone is preparing for the great fair and tournament, but Cedric the Bull is preparing a surprise attack! The only one who is willing to stand up for what's right is Princess Storm, but she is forced to remain at the castle and perform "lady-like" duties, which she despises! Will she be able to save the realm in time?
  • Hunted: A (Not) Bigfoot Story (Cancelled in 2017) - A hermit who went native for too long in the forest has grown a coat of fur and has contracted fleas! Now all he wants is a good barber and shower, but everyone thinks that he's Bigfoot! This attracts the attention of a hunter, who wants the bounty on the hermit's head, which starts a frantic and hilarious chase throughout the forest!
  • Kingfisher Rising (Cancelled in 2017) - Chase McCain has his first run-in with Folio Byrd, growing to become the head crime boss in the city! Throughout his investigation, Chase tries to get ahead of the Kingfisher, but as Folio's influence spreads, he always slips through the cracks and gets away! Will Chase finally be able to apprehend him, or is this Kingfisher too tough to catch?
  • Win An Island! (Cancelled in 2018) - After winning an island through a competition, the winner ventures out to their prize, only to find a poverty-stricken fiefdom ruled by an immature dictator! The winner tries to assert their ownership of the island, and the dictator responds by hiring an assassin to kill the contest winner! Who will rule the island in the end?
While this is not a complete list of our cancelled films, these are the only ones that we are considering for revival, for a number of reasons.

How Voting Will Work
     Like mentioned earlier, voting will begin on January 1, 2020, with different rounds and ways to promote the voting. Here's a breakdown of how voting will be conducted.
  1. Primaries (January 1, 2020 - May 31, 2020)
    1. Category 1: Adaptions, Remakes, and Sequels
      1. Rock Raiders: High Adventure Deep Underground
      2. Legoman: The Crafty Clown Caper
      3. The Vikings
      4. Captain Redbeard's Lost Gold
      5. Speeder
      6. Cedric's Siege
      7. Kingfisher Rising
    2. Category 2: Original Films
      1. Black Friday
      2. Officer Spot
      3. Bear in the Woods
      4. Legoettes Take Manhattan
      5. Our Good Neighbor
      6. Hunted: A (Not) Bigfoot Story
      7. Win An Island!
  2. Final Election (July 1 - October 31, 2020)
    1. Category 1 Winner vs. Category 2 Winner
The final results will be announced on November 1, 2020.

Only one of the cancelled films will be revived according to studio policy and will be revived in concept and title only. All other elements, including but not limited to scripts, storyboards, character names, plot details, and locations are subject to the new version's interpretation of the old story. This new version will be subject to all studio policies and it itself may be cancelled without prior notice. Only votes submitted in the approved manners will be counted and any petitions for alternative solutions will not be considered. While campaigning for particular films is encouraged, voter fraud will not be tolerated. One and only one film will result from this campaign, and all other films that were not selected at the end will remain cancelled. In the event of a tie, Mustache Maniacs Film Co. personnel will be responsible for breaking the tie. Any vote resolved in this manner will be final and cannot be changed. Mustache Maniacs Film Co. holds all rights to modify and/or cancel this promotion as needed.

Lead Out
     We'll be campaigning for different films throughout next year, and we'll announce how to vote later this year, as we'll be doing things a little differently this time! Check back for more information!


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