2 Gen Art is Now Open for Business!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; April 20, 2018)
     We have some great news to share today for those who miss Mustache Max's Merchandise Market! Read on to find out more in today's update!

2 Gen Art Etsy Store is Now Open!
     A little while ago, we shuttered Mustache Max's Merchandise Market, which never took off (it only had one sale during its lifetime). While some of you may be upset that it is gone, never fear! The official replacement, 2 Gen Art, is now officially open for business! The store is being hosted on Etsy, so head on over to see what we have to offer! Click here to see the store for yourself!
     Now, the store currently doesn't have any merchandise tied to our films, but as time goes on, we'll be adding some Mustache Maniacs Film Co.-related merchandise. Of course, we won't be adding anything that violates copyright law or isn't popular with fans (so no Solarum t-shirts this time), so expect our selection to get pretty creative! We'll announce any film-related merchandise in future press releases.

Refined Dimension 525 Canon Timeline!
     While the DINO Attack RPG has been canonical for several years, we weren't exactly sure how the companion short stories fit into the timeline. However, we now have an official canon update that puts these questions to rest. Now, outlined for general consumption, is the new canon timeline for Dimension 525. The short stories are linked for your reading pleasure and the asterisks mark non-Mustache Maniacs Film Co. material.
  1. LEGO Universe Story Trailer* (1970)
  2. Rift (1998)
  3. Com 50: Peril in Iran (2004)
  4. The Drama Zone: Nightmare at Shady Acres (2007)
  5. Antithesis* (2008)
  6. DINO Attack: Saga of a Conflict (2010)
  7. Merciful Escape* (2010)
  8. First Assignment* (2010)
  9. DINO Attack RPG Archive: Kotua 01 - Kotua 10* (2010)
  10. Love and War* (2010)
  11. DINO Attack RPG Archive: Kotua 10 - Opposing Forces 17* (2010)
  12. The Madness of Agent Zero* (2010)
  13. DINO Attack RPG Archive: Opposing Forces 18* (2010)
  14. The Huntsman* (2010)
  15. DINO Attack RPG Archive: Opposing Forces 19 - Dino Island Lab 03* (2010)
  16. Time and Place* (2010)
  17. DINO Attack RPG Archive: Dino Island Lab 03 - Conclusion* (2010)
  18. LEGO Universe* (2011)
  19. Scars* (2012)
  20. LEGO Universe RPG* (2013)
  21. Ghosts* (2017)
The official wiki will be updated soon with the new canon information.

Journey to Siberia and DINO ATTACK: Saga of a Conflict to Conclude This Year!
     After our push to enter the field of comics in 2015, we have some sad news: Both of our on-going comic series will be concluding this year. Both will be receiving proper endings that directly tie to their inspiration sources. In the case of the former, the comics will end with one last page that ends the story where A Very Patrick Christmas mostly begins. For the latter, the comics will become an introduction to Andrew Anderson's historical record (the RPG archive), with the comics mostly setting up the premise. The comics will end with an invitation to read the stories and archive that make up the plot line.

Lead Out
     While it may be a bit sad to see us get out of the comics business, we are certainly looking forward to the future of 2 Gen Art! We hope that you have a great rest of your day and we wish to see you here again soon!


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