Custom Thumbnails!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; July 18, 2017)
     Today, we're taking some time to highlight a new change we're making to our YouTube videos: custom thumbnails! Back in January, we introduced custom thumbnails with the show Backstage Showcase, with the intention of expanding this change to our other videos. Now, we've implemented this change for our behind the scenes videos, with all behind the scenes videos now featuring custom thumbnails. Eventually, we're going to add custom thumbnails to all of our videos EXCEPT for unlisted utility videos for the following productions:
  • The Lost Ruby: The Interactive Adventure
  • Shady Acres Super Sleuth
  • Late for the Soccer Match
However, the introduction videos for these productions will have custom thumbnails. These changes are on-going and are expected to be completed Christmas 2018.
     However, in regard to this change, we have a new studio policy that will affect ALL of our future online videos. Here is the new policy.
"All videos released online MUST be accompanied by a custom thumbnail at release, unless unsupported, that sells the video to audiences and informs them what the video is about. For shows, behind the scenes, and trailers, please use the studio-approved templates for custom thumbnails."
This means that all of our upcoming videos will have custom thumbnails! To get you hyped, here are some of the new custom thumbnails that we recently uploaded.


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