Several Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Artifacts on Public Display for First Time!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; May 22, 2017)
     Over this past weekend, several artifacts from Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s archive were on public display for the first time, including a number of characters and vehicles from some of our upcoming films. While the exhibit has now concluded, here is a photo tour of what was on display.
     This overview shot shows how the exhibit was arranged, with artifacts from past productions on the left and future productions represented on the right. The original fake mustache divided the two halves of the exhibition.
      First up is the Waco CG-4A Glider from "A Future in the Past." This recreation of the original WWII aircraft is nearly authentic in every regard, from the wing patterns and supports to the window shapes and front-mounted skis. While there is no interior (it's intended as a set piece), all of the doors, including the front, open and all of the wing flaps actually move, creating a more authentic replica.
FUN FACT: This replica of the Waco CG-4A Glider was built while viewing Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens. You're welcome.
      Next is the Skunkbuster Van from "Legends of the Universe." Using the never-used whimsical world of Youreeka from LEGO Universe as inspiration, the Skunkbuster Van is loaded with fun and crazy details that strike a middle ground between wacky and practical. Again, there's no interior, but there is no intention for the vehicle to have an interior, anyway.
FUN FACT: The Skunkbuster Van was actually developed for LEGO Universe before being cut out, but Mustache Maniacs Film Co. CEO Andrew Bermudez despised the look of the game version, calling it, "a boring orange box with wheels." The film version is intended to look more fun and in line with the look of Youreeka.
      Here is the Blackwell City Peace Patrol V-1 Cycycle from "A Future in the Past." For fleshing out the post-apocalyptic world represented at the end of New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable, a new society was established beneath the ruins of the Hall of Extinction. This city, called Blackwell City, represents the last humans alive on Earth, who survive thanks to their advanced technology. This speedy hover car is a police car for this society that keeps the streets of Blackwell City safe.
FUN FACT: This vehicle was built by using instructions published in Brickjournal Magazine for a generic cycycle. The primary modifications made for this version are the colors and laser blasters.
      This may not need any introduction, but this is Mustache Max's mustache, one of only four items in the exhibition that had been showcased in the past. This is, quite literally, the emblem of our brand and its eccentricity.
FUN FACT: A total of four actors have worn this mustache: Daniel Bermudez, Isaac Shefton, Tyler Shefton, and Antonio Pagan.
      Hailing from Mysteries of the Arctic are these Grabbles. They are also from LEGO Universe, but here, they will serve a completely different purpose. As the movie is based on LEGO's Arctic theme, these creatures will be playing the part of the aliens that land in the arctic, though these creatures are far more sinister than their stature suggests.
FUN FACT: Several different builds were tested for the movie Grabbles, but the final design uses the same build that is used for the Grabbles in LEGO Universe.
      Another historical model on display is this Camel Ambulance with Col. Hawking from Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra. Again, just like the Waco CG-4A Glider, this was created after conducting extensive research on the original. If you are not familiar with this, real camel ambulances were used in WWI in the Sinai and Mesopotamia regions. Also present here is Col. Hawking, one of the film's minor characters.
FUN FACT: The strap around the camel's neck in this reproduction does nothing to support the dual stretchers on the camel's back. They are held in place via connection points and studs in the slot in the camel's hump. The strap is there only for authenticity and aesthetics.
      If you've seen Rift, then you'll remember this funerary memorial. As the film had little time to explain what was going on, this memorial instantly tells audiences that in the dimension that Wallace Bishop enters, his lab assistant is dead. Modeled after memorial wreaths, the memorial was created using plant, flower, and lamp brick pieces.
FUN FACT: For LEGO's older flowers, four flowers came attached to a center piece, from which they were intended to be detached. This model leaves the flowers attached together to create the sense of a more flower-rich wreath.
      It's Edward Fairfax's missing pocket watch from Mystery at Shady Acres! Just like the play, this pocket watch turns ten years old this year. This particular pocket watch was selected because of its exquisite train design on the front, fitting for Edward's character. While Edward's name is not engraved on the back of this prop (despite official canon stating otherwise), this is a real pocket watch. However, there is no battery inside, meaning that it doesn't run.
FUN FACT: The clock hands inside the pocket watch are set to 11:00 PM, the time in the play that the crime occurs.
      The one and only Legomobile from A Friend of the Police was also on display. This sleek vehicle was built back in 2008 for The Adventures of Legoman, and has remained in our archives ever since. This vehicle's design was meant to evoke the look of a race car, specifically a dragster, to emphasize Legoman's haste in defending justice.
FUN FACT: One modification has been made to the Legomobile between the release of The Adventures of Legoman and pre-production for A Friend of the Police: the deflector shield on the back engine was removed because Andrew Bermudez thought it looked awkward.
      Devious supplies are sure to be on their way with the Ogel Supply Truck from Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle. The truck was designed to be pretty straight-forward with Ogel's colors, but the scene surrounding it stirred a controversy during writing. The truck was always in the film, but conflict between Dash and Charge was going to arise during the scene with this truck. This was ultimately watered down, but the scene plays out generally the same.
FUN FACT: The truck was given a pair of studs on the underside so that Charge could attach to the underside in the film.
      These are some Moai Heads from Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients! Created by looking at authentic Moai from Easter Island, they capture many of the characteristics of the famous sculptures, including the elongated noses, unique hats, and coral-encrusted eyes. The eyes are actually 1x1 slope pieces to give the sense of the statues looking one direction or the other.
FUN FACT: Just like in real life, the statues were shown on set as facing the interior of the island.
      This is Alpha Team HQ from Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle! It represents the base at a smaller scale, which allows for more flexibility, though not as much detail. Small plates were used for entire docks or the runway, slope pieces became windows, and grass pieces were used for giant trees! However, thanks to computer technology, the full-size vehicles and characters can be scaled down to match the island in establishing shots.
FUN FACT: The island's design is inspired by Tracey Island from the supermarionation TV show Thunderbirds.
      This Terra Cotta Idol from Indiana Jones and the Treasure of Tikal is another one of the few items here that has been displayed publicly before. This so-called idol is actually a souvenir bought at the San Diego Museum of Man, and was used in the film's temple scenes. It never appears in the footage from Big Sur because it was kept at home, where the temple footage was shot.
FUN FACT: This item is rarely on display because it is made from real Terra Cotta, with details painted on for effect.
      Also on display was the actual Black Bear animation puppet from Attack of the Fifty-Foot Hamster! Images of real Syrian Hamsters were consulted for creating the look of Black Bear, as images of the real Black Bear the hamster do not exist. The entire puppet was designed specifically for stop-motion animation, and has survived to this day.
FUN FACT: Technic and Bionicle pieces were used to form Black Bear's skeleton, with shopping bags acting as his interior flesh. Felt forms Black Bear's skin and the nose is painted on.
     Lastly, but not least, is Koo-Koo Macaw from Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen! This macaw was originally sold with a wood perch through the Oriental Trading Company, but both the perch and strings for it were removed in an experiment to attach it to one of the costumes for Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen. I don't remember which costume it was, but the plans were scrapped. Eventually, Koo Koo Macaw would live on (donning the fake mustache from earlier) in the play's DVD and online releases.
FUN FACT: While it remained undecided for a long time, it was later agreed upon that Koo Koo Macaw is canonically female. She is also Mustache Max's pet parrot.


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