Happy Easter!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Press Room; April 16, 2017)
     Happy Easter, Mustache Maniacs Film Co. fans! To celebrate, we have two treats for you today!
     First, Ask Mark Matthew has been on hiatus after an acute shortage of questions. However, today we have a mini edition of the on-going series. Here it is!

wolfwarrior gaming writes: Will the next Johnny Thunder involve dino island?
Mark: No. While we are looking at dino island for further down the line, the fourth Johnny Thunder film will actually be based on LEGO's 2007 Aqua Raiders line. It will be titled Johnny Thunder and the Wonders Beneath the Waves.

     And while that's it for today's Ask Mark Matthew, we have more for you today! It's a teaser for Crazy Compendium in the form of one of the re-released stories! It's an Easter story, so it's certainly in the spirit of today!

The Big Easter Egg Hunt

It was Easter Day in Legotown. Sarah Thunder couldn’t wait to paint the eggs. John, Sarah’s baby brother, said, “goo goo,” when he saw the neighbors hiding eggs. Sarah told John that there is a big, white, furry bunny that hops through Legotown giving presents to good little Legoettes. Meanwhile, Johnny, Sarah’s father, was dyeing eggs, but he didn’t know it was a cheap egg decorating kit. When he put an egg in the green it came out yellow. He was confused.

Then it was time for the Thunders to hide eggs. Once all the eggs were hidden it was time to meet at the Graviator’s house. Mr. Graviator gave each of them a basket. It was time for them to search for eggs. Sarah found one behind the Thunder’s trashcan. She also found one in the Bimble’s garden and one in the interior of the Pig’s car.

After finding the eggs it was time to go back to the Graviator’s house. Sweettooth didn’t make it on time because he was too busy eating the eggs he found. Sarah got some hard-boiled eggs and some prize eggs. She got the egg that had the golden Sacajawea coin. Sweettooth got one prize egg; inside was candy. Sarah went home and showed her parents what she had found.

The End

     Keep in mind that this is the original story and not the remake, which will also be included in the book. However, that story has an embargo on it until its release date arrives. We'll release more details as its release date arrives. Until then, Happy Easter!


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