"New Year's Resolution" Kicks Off Resolve for Wellness Week!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; January 8, 2017)
     THAC XIV has officially ended, which marks the release of our entry, New Year's Resolution! Just like films like Rift and The Kingfisher, this film introduces an original character who will be appearing in a large way in the future. For today's film, the character is none other than Zac Fernstein, a millennial who, on the brink of his life falling to pieces, decides to make some changes about himself. You can watch the film here.
     In addition to today's film, we have some important announcements to make. The first is that we have officially revised the canon again to integrate one film and to remove another. Here is what has changed. Be careful, because the first change log entry has spoilers for today's film.

  • New Year's Resolution has officially entered the canon. It takes place over the time span explicitly stated in the film. In the film, the job that fires Zac is Amenity Warehouse, the name of the gym where he works out is an independent establishment named Jim's Gym, and the job that eventually hires him is New Silicon Networks.
  • The film Freddy and Joey in Corn Farm has officially been ret-conned, so all of the Freddy and Joey characters are no longer part of the cinematic universe.
  • World Compass Books, the fictional publisher of Blake Greenton's travel guides, is now a subsidiary of World Travels Publishing, Ltd. This is the same company that publishes World Magazine and has Pippin Reed Thunder on their payroll as a photographer.
  • The Super Hero Student in True Identity was not born with her super powers. Instead, she was visiting the power plant where her father worked during "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day" when a catastrophic accident left the plant in ruins. She was among the few survivors, but the only one who gained super powers. The details of the accident are still undetermined.
     But that's not all! We also have something else to unveil: Resolve for Wellness Week! To celebrate our THAC XIV entry, we're going to encourage healthy and beneficial habits, and each day of this week (except for today), we're going to introduce something new under a different theme to help you along! The changes we make may be that day only, all week, all month, or permanent! Here's a timeline for this week, laying out each theme and what we're introducing to coincide with it.
  • Monday - Educational Wellness: Wiki Mondays: Time Warp - Wonders of Buoyancy
  • Tuesday - Financial Wellness: January Sale at Mustache Max's Merchandise Market (until 1/31/2017) & First Artist's Tuesday blog post on Art of Andrew Bermudez
  • Wednesday - Physical Wellness: New Year's Resolution merchandise and The Kingfisher merchandise arrives at Mustache Max's Merchandise Market
  • Thursday - Thoughtful Wellness: Opinion Survey about Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s current state (until 2/28/2017) & First-Ever book trailer for Crazy Compendium
  • Friday - Nutritional Wellness: Zac's New Year's Apple Platter recipe
  • Saturday - Channel Wellness: Backstage Showcase Episode 13 - The Preserver
There's a lot that's going on this week, on top of our site update, so be sure to check here frequently all week, as we'll let you know when something goes live.
      Now that all of that's done, it's time for our plug with link. Click on the sentence for more info. SIGN UP FOR AUDITIONS TODAY!

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