Quick Canon Change!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co Headquarters; February 22, 2016)
     As a bit of a heads-up today, we've tweaked our canon slightly, which is outlined below.
  • The film Shootout! is now entering the official canon as the ever-elusive "Austrian Incident" that X refers to constantly in Com 50-3: Raid on Central Island. It takes place in the winter of the year 2002 and just features the part of the incident when X turns on 007 and goes berserk in the royal garden, dispatching several security guards and police officers.
     If you want to see Shootout! again or haven't seen it yet, just click here to watch the film. Check back soon for more updates, including the impending release of part 3 of Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle, possibly coming March 2016 (along with the rest of the film).


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