The Year In Review: 2015

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; December 27, 2015)
     It's that time of year again where the new year is less than a week away, the Christmas season winds down, and we look back at the year that has been. This year is no different, as we now have arrived at that time of year. Now we will begin our re-cap of Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s year in chronological order.
     January: As always, January introduced some new content. The comic series, Out of His Time, officially debuted to great acclaim. The comic series is on-going, with a new installment coming later this week. January also saw the release of not one, but two new movies: The Kingfisher and Attack of the Fifty Foot Hamster. Both continue the saga of Project U and were also well-received. This month also saw the start of round 3 casting.
     February: With work continuing on Alms Pouch and Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle, not much happened in February. However, the on-going series Wiki Mondays was introduced this month, which resulted in one new page on the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Wiki every week.
     March: The only activity this month was a complete revamp of the casting process, which included photos of the characters in question.
     April: April started out with the April Fool's Day film, The Film That Changes Everything!. It actually changed nothing, but other upcoming projects were announced this month, including Poster Madness and Kilroy Was Here! Month.
     May: Most of May was spent looking back at the ten-year-old play to film Kilroy Was Here!, with some sneak peeks at A Future in the Past woven in, but May also saw the start of The Quest for Canonization. More on that when we reach the contest's end. May also saw an internal project: the DVD Archival Project.
     June: June was cursed for us this year. All of the films and content announced that month was all cancelled, and Alms Pouch was delayed into August. Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle was also delayed to December. In general, June was not a good month for us.
     July: If June wasn't kind to us, July got us back up on our feet. The month started off with a tenth anniversary celebration for the DINO Attack RPG, the basis for next year's comic DINO Attack: Saga of a Conflict. Later that same month, filming started for Legends of the Universe, as that film shares one of the sets for Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle. Other than that, filming progressed as usual. However, we introduced an all-new press release concept: Live Updates. Because of the post's popularity, we will be doing another one soon to start Year of the Clock.
     August: August started off with the end of The Quest for Canonization. Congratulations to Elizabeth Scarheart for winning with her entry A Greater Cost. Both it and the runner-up, Mystery in the Karoo, are now part of the official cinematic universe. This month's highlight, though, was the release of the animation Alms Pouch. While incomplete, it still captures the audience's heart and humor. Also this month, a teaser for Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle, the official canon timeline, and Andrew Bermudez Art were all released.
     September: This month was a time to work, but our big promotion for next year, Year of the Clock, was announced with its schedule line-up. It will include the next two Project U films, re-releases, time travel comics, and an origin story contest.
     October: Halloween was mostly marked by a reminder to visit Andrew Bermudez Art. Other then that, work, work, work!
     November: Shop 'til you drop! Mustache Max's Merchandise Market opened this month, with an assortment of merchandise based on Solarum, Patrick Hooligans, and other company properties. This month also saw the unveiling of every detailed description and release date for every Project U film!
     December: Walking in an Alpha Team Wonderland! Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle was released on Christmas Day, and to celebrate, the entire month became an Alpha Team Christmas, complete with an advent calendar. The calendar contained studio updates, fun videos, sneak peeks, and more! It was so well-received, there is talk of doing another Christmas special (along the lines of A Very Patrick Christmas) in December 2016. However, this is only an idea and may not go anywhere.
     And now, 2015 is just about over, with the new year being the Year of the Clock. Expect new surprises, great films, and lots of fun to be had that sends you to the far past, far future, and any time in between! It'll be the time of everyone's lives! Catch you then!


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