All New Ask Mark Matthew!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(LEGO Studios; September 1, 2015)
     Today we bring you another 'Ask Mark Matthew,' containing 100% new material! Let's get started!

Fabiano writes: Will alpha team deep in the jungle be just a comic like the teaser or no and also did u change the title from deep city to jungle plz respond thank you
Mark: First, the only part of Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle that will be done in comic book format is the opening that is shown in the teaser. The rest will be stop-motion animation, which is very briefly seen in the teaser, but will be showcased heavily in a future trailer. Second, Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle was never going to feature a city setting. You might be mixing this film up with Alpha Team: Mission Deep City, which is expected to be released in 2017.

New Lego Studios Productions writes: is it a coincidence that star wars episode VII will come out that day [December 18]?
Mark: Yes. Initially, our planning team did not take this into account when planning releases. But now that you've mentioned that, I'm not so sure that we should be releasing Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle that day, as Star Wars Episode VII will probably hurt Mission Deep Jungle's audience. From how production's faring, we're not even sure if we'll even make that day. Oh, well. It seems like delays have become the norm around here.

New Lego Studios Productions writes: I hate to mention this, but I just found out that you're not signed on a brickfilmers community such as Bricks in motion, is there a reason for that?
Mark: We actually do have an account at Bricks in Motion, which we've used to gain attention for many of our brickfilms. If one of our films has a Bricks in Motion page, it should be linked on our website. We also have a account, but since that site is pretty much a shell of its former self, that account right now is pretty much DOA.

Adian Wagland writes: When is it [LEGO Island: The Animated Series] coming out????????????
Mark: At this time, we are looking at a Summer 2016 release for the pilot episode, as the assets need time to be made.

Landondorf C.A. - Stop Motion Films writes: The clothes and Car are early 1900's style, but this [Forest of Fear] clearly takes place in modern times. Why?
Mark: The reason for this, more or less, anachronism, is that Forest of Fear is based on the 2002 Monster Madness LEGO sets and they use that style clothes and car. Yet, despite this issue, Mary and Leo will not be altered for their future appearances. At least that's not the current plan.

Elizabeth Scarheart writes: A Greater Cost takes place during 3 time periods. What made you choose 2012 over the other two?
Mark: Theoretically, When Barrels Fly, Late for the Soccer Match, and A Future in the Past all run into this same issue, as do films that flash back (like Attack of the Fifty-Foot Hamster) or flash-forward (like New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable). The reason why we picked 2012 as the chronological year for that film is because 2012 was the year that Ulysses S. Powell came to the present day and was also the year that he helped Dr. Cyber test the Hypno Cruiser. Technically speaking, though, the canon timeline is less of an exact chronology and more of an official order to watch the films in if you want to get the whole story in a way that makes the most sense.

That's it for today's edition of Ask Mark Matthew! Don't forget that if you have a question, send it either as a private message to YouTube user Mustache Maniacs Film Co. or as a message on the "Contact Us" page on the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. website. Until then, we'll be making movies!


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