The Results for "The Quest for Canonization" and Round 3 Auditions Are In!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; August 5, 2015)
     Right on the release of the first teaser for Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle, we have many more announcements to make! Let's get started!
     First, the first-ever episode of the new series On The Set debuted today, with a visit to the Brazil Airfield set from Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle. Much of what is detailed in this episode is included in this press release, including some very important announcements! Here's the first episode for those who are interested. On The Set Episode 01 - 08/05/2015
     In other news, we're ready to announce the results for both The Quest for Canonization and round 3 auditions! First off, we have the audition results. They are as follows:

A Future in the Past:
Dr. Cyber - Nathan "Willow Tree" Mellace
Wacco - Robert Olisah
Pvt. Josh Eldon - JMC Studios

Van Helbrick: Monster Fighter:
Major Quinton Steele - Daniel Bermudez
Inspector Idiot Hooligans - Marcus Hutchinson

Alpha Team: Mission Deep City:
Intercom - Holly Lindin
Guard - Andrew Bermudez
Reporter - Lauren Adkins

B.I.O. Corps:
Jessica Thompson - Holly Lindin

Mysteries of the Arctic:
Beatrice Honey - Holly Lindin

Legends of the Universe:
Papa Brickolini - Al Bermudez
Mama Brickolini -Holly Lindin
Nya - Elizabeth Scarheart
Renee Tombcrusher - Holly Lindin
Tee Vee - Jay Silver
Mrs. Wiggins - Teresa Bermudez

Thank you to all who auditioned. If a particular person did not send in any auditions, they will remain in the bracket for the parts that are still open. Round 4 of auditions will last from now until November 30.
     Now for the moment you've all been waiting for: the results for The Quest for Canonization! We only had two entries to sort through, but after reviewing both, here are the final decisions by our committee.

The Quest for Canonization Results:
Grand Prize Winner - Elizabeth Scarheart - A Greater Cost
1st Place Winner - Marcus Hutchinson - Mystery in the Karoo

Congratulations to all of our winners and we will be getting into contact with both of you shortly. Besides a place in our canon, our grand prize winner will be getting two original soundtrack albums, while our 1st prize winner will get to choose which one he wants. To help you chose, here is the cover art for both albums.

Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Mustache Maniacs Film Co. - The Music Album

     Finally, we would like to mention that next week, we will be taking a break from work to go on a short vacation. If you want to keep in the loop on what is going on, we'll be posting to the Vacation: Unlimited Travel Journal. You can access it here. Vacation: Unlimited Travel Journal
     Well, that's it for today. Are you excited about Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle? Are you upset that you didn't get a part you wanted? If so, you can still sign up for round 4 auditions! SIGN UP FOR AUDITIONS TODAY!!!


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