Kilroy Was Here! Month is Here!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; May 1, 2015)
     It's a new month, and while there is still a bit of a wait before The Quest for Canonization, Alms Pouch, and Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle debut, we would like to spotlight May as Kilroy Was Here! Month. Because the Cornerstone Thespian Society version of this period musical turns ten years old on May 20, we thought that we could give the fans something to do in this downtime with a mini celebration! For this month, we have lots of treats to offer, with a full schedule listed below.

May 4: Wiki Mondays article - Mr. Wilcox
May 6: Photography from the Play: A Visual Retrospective
May 10: Re-imagined Pvt. Joe Kilroy, Pvt. Carl Ryder, and Pvt. Leo Pickford unveiled
May 11: Wiki Mondays article - U.S.O. Club
May 15: Specialty Drink Recipe - Home-Front Victory Smoothie
May 16: Baron Von Stuka IV, Fritz, and German Infantry unveiled
May 18: Wiki Mondays article - Pvt. Joe Kilroy
May 19: Looking Back: Kilroy Was Here! - Ten Years Later
May 20: Farewell to Kilroy Was Here! Month

     We hope that you have lots of fun during this little promotion! By the way, if you are unfamiliar with Kilroy Was Here!, as we never uploaded it online, you can find our full wiki article about the period musical here.
     To insert one last plug in here, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR AUDITIONS TODAY!!!


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