Farewell to Kilroy Was Here! Month and Greetings to New Character Designs!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; May 20, 2015)
     It feels like it started yesterday, but Kilroy Was Here! Month is now over. While it wasn't much, it was a fun way to wrap up the spring and to get ready for the summer season, which we'll be kicking off tomorrow with The Quest for Canonization story contest. But while you wait, we have some great news for you today!
     After a slight delay, we are pleased to unveil the re-designed versions of Private Joe Kilroy (now a corporal) and Private Carl Ryder. Private Leo Pickford will be in A Future in the Past as well, but his minifigure isn't ready yet.
From left to right: Private Carl Ryder 2.0 and Corporal Joe Kilroy 2.0
     As you can see from here, these characters, now seen in 1943 Sicily, look completely different from their counterpart designs for Kilroy Was Here!. Gone are their dress uniforms and dance shoes, all swapped out for rugged military fatigues as it would have appeared in 1943. Great care was made to make sure that these characters were as historically accurate as possible, while retaining a simplicity and readability. These new 2.0 designs capture the best of both worlds, with Brickarms weapons and helmets modeled after their real-life counterparts from the era, sticker decorated torsos by Brickstix, and custom legs with printed boots and leggings by Citizen Brick. Brian Thompson and Steve Marlowe are slated to reprise their roles.
     But that's not all! For Project U, many of Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s characters are being re-designed from their previous movie versions. Some of our characters have already gotten this treatment, but over this year, we're going to redo more! To start off, here are the characters that have already been redesigned:
  • Wendy Simmons
  • Ulysses S. Powell
  • Legoman
  • Sarah Thunder
  • William "Billy the Kid" Parker
  • Pippin Reed Thunder
  • Lord Samuel Rudolph Sinister
  • Captain Bill Stewart
  • Officer Max Denver
  • Torgo
  • Nana
Now, here are the characters that will have design overhauls to any degree throughout the remainder of Project U:
  • Jonathon Henry Thunder
  • Patrick Hooligans
  • Harry Cane
  • Arthur Van Helbrick
  • Dr. Hiram Aziz
  • Officer Frank Honey
  • Professor Samantha Rhodes
  • Career Advisor
  • Dracula
  • Private Joe Kilroy (now Corporal Joe Kilroy)
  • Private Carl Ryder
  • Private Leo Pickford
  • Cal Pada Guard (now Cal Pada Beta Guard)
  • Col. Bow Wow
  • Polar Bear
  • Chief Della Wickfield
  • Lieutenant Thelma Dorrit
  • Sergeant Farley O'Doyle
  • Officer Eleanor Black
     Now that you are ready and know what to expect, get ready for more Project U excitement this fall with Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle, and don't forget that The Quest for Canonization begins tomorrow! Finally, SIGN UP FOR AUDITIONS TODAY!!!


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