First Annual Egg Hunt Starts Now!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; April 5, 2015)
     This is a bit of a last-minute beta test, so please bear with me. But anyway, happy Easter! To celebrate today, we're holding our first annual egg hunt! All you need to do is follow the clues below to find the eight Easter eggs scattered about our website. When you find them, list where you found them in the comments for this post. All participants who find all eight eggs will be mentioned in an upcoming post when the egg hunt ends. Happy hunting! Here are your clues.
  1. Patrick loves to hunt for Easter eggs! In fact, he's hidden one himself! However, since he's not too bright, he didn't hide it far away from him.
  2. Do eggs float? You might have to ask Samantha Rhodes, who is currently teaching a class.
  3. Uh, oh! Joey lost some eggs in Mulberry Forest! Perhaps you can help him find one?
  4. Dodos can't lay Easter eggs! But maybe Papa Dodo can. After all, he can do some other things.
  5. How did Easter eggs end up in the wrong holiday? Looks like Patrick was hiding eggs again!
  6. We have a new film coming this year, and we've got an egg to celebrate!
  7. Is egg decorating just covering up its actual identity?
  8. I think the Tribal Chief bet off an Easter egg as well, because it appears that he lost that as well!
4/6/2015 Update: With no responses, the egg hunt is now over. We will re-evaluate and drastically change this for next year.


  1. I hink th e issue was you needed it to last longer. I was busy on Easter and didn't see the egg hunt until it was over. maybe it should last all through holy week?


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