All Multi-Part Films Will Now be Named Per Part!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(LEGO Studios; December 19, 2013)
     Just this morning, LEGO Studios CEO Mark Matthew just announced a new minor change that is being implemented in anticipation of "Ten Years of Going Crazy!": in the case of all multi-part films, each part will now named with a distinctive name. For clarity's sake, this is what this means: for every video that is part of a multi-part film, a name that relates to that part will be appended to the end of that name. Each name will also be adjusted to tell how many total parts the film has. "We've had people ask where the next part is when there isn't any next part in reality," said Mark Matthew. "We hope that, by making this minor change, we can end this confusion, allowing our fans and viewers to fully enjoy our films." A Very Patrick Christmas has already been altered to reflect these changes, and will be applied to other multi-part films as they also receive 3-D options and/or closed-captioning.
     In other news, casting has started for the top-secret project that will be announced at The Second Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards when it premieres on January 24, 2014. There are tons of new characters that need to be cast for this project, as can be seen by the upcoming characters teaser on the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Wiki, so it is important to start casting early.
     With that, we would like to wish you a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. We'll have our traditional annual re-cap at the end of the month. After that, "Ten Years of Going Crazy!" starts on January 1, 2014, so get ready for wild fun!


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