All New Ask Mark Matthew!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(LEGO Studios; October 3, 2012)
     Today, we bring you another 'Ask Mark Matthew,' containing 100% new material! Let's get started!

Jackmarmar writes: Hi, you have an extremely awesome channel, and when will Johnny Thunder three come out, I am dying to see it. Could you subscribe, it would be an honor.
Mark: Once again, due to its complexity and long running time, Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients will have to be released in the summer of 2014. However, a nice coincidence occurred here, since 2014 is the tenth anniversary of Mustache Maniacs Film Co. As for subscribing, don't worry. We've already taken care of that!

     That's it for today's edition of Ask Mark Matthew. Don't forget that if you have a question, be sure to send it as a private message to YouTube user historylegoman. Until then, we'll be making movies!


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