Contest Winner Announced! Also, All Films will go 3-D!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; June 29, 2012)
     It has been two weeks since the Vacation: Unlimited ended with three entries to judge. Now, the judges have cast their ballots, and we now have a winner! Because of an issue that has come up, the winner has been announced early.
Grand Prize Winner: HollywoodLego - Johnny Thunder's Big Vacation
Congratulations, HollywoodLego! Be sure to check your YouTube inbox, as we'll be sending a request for your mailing address so the prize can be properly shipped. We would also like to thank everyone who entered for doing such a great job and making this a great contest. We are already planning another contest for April 2013, which won't be like any other animation contest you've been in!
     Along with the winner to the contest, another detail was revealed today. "By the end of 2014, all of our films will have a feature to watch them in 3-D," said LEGO Studios CEO Mark Matthew "A few of them are already enabled with 3-D, and more will come later. On top of that, starting with Late for the Soccer Match, all of our new films will be released with the 3-D option enabled." Sorry, Shady Acres fans. That means that even our highly-anticipated summer mystery film, Mystery at Shady Acres, will receive its 3-D options after its initial release. The current plans call to enable 3-D to all of our films in the following order, with estimated dates (subject to change). Any marked with "Done" can now be watched in 3-D!
When Barrels Fly (Done)
A Battle to Remember (Done)
Night Guard (Done)
Gone Ice Fishin' (Done)
Traditional Animation Reel (Done)
The Lost Ruby: An Interactive Adventure (Done)
Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire (Done)
The Adventures of Legoman (Done)
Space Attack (July 2012)
TBC News: The Volcano Blows (July 2012)
Seeing Eye Robber (Fall 2012)
Mystery at Shady Acres (Fall 2012)
Late for the Soccer Match (October 19th)
A Very Patrick Christmas (December 2012)
Station 9 (Winter 2013)
Shootout! (Spring 2013)
Freddy and Joey Teaser (Easter 2013)
Freddy and Joey in Corn Farm (Easter 2013)
An Afternoon at the Zoo (May 2013)
Plankton Strikes Back! (Summer 2013)
Plankton: Burner of Books (Summer 2013)
Forest of Fear (October 2013)
The Roulette Match (December 2013)
The First Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards (Winter 2014)
Com 50 (Winter 2014)
Com 50 and 007 (Winter 2014)
Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo (Spring 2014)
Indiana Jones and the Heart of the Dragon (Spring 2014)
Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile (Spring 2014)
Wonders of Buoyancy (Summer 2014)
Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients (Summer 2014)
     As a note, only the films themselves will be in 3-D. All trailers and behind the scenes material will be left as it is. True, there may be a 3-D trailer for one of our upcoming films, but that would be it. Also, this only encompasses released or announced films. Other films that have yet to be announced will surely appear here and there, and those will be released in 3-D (if they come out after Late for the Soccer Match).
     In other news, the forums have returned to the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. website. If your not a member of the website yet, be sure to become one so you can take advantage of this great feature!
     Well, that's it for today. Be sure to return in July, when our Vacation: Unlimited promotion goes in a new direction!


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