All-New Website and Video!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; June 26, 2011)
     Summer has kicked into full gear this past weekend, and with it come two new things. The first is a video titled Wonders of Buoyancy Behind the Scenes. Even though the film itself is old news, this new complimentary behind the scenes video gives insight to the filming of the movie, as well as a frightening, but pointless, deleted scene. "I remember when I first saw the scene that is featured in the new video," said producer Peter Simon. "The movie was moving along, then suddenly it literally screeched to a halt just for this one stupid joke. I hated that scene and ordered it removed, since I am the producer."
     The other, and much bigger, thing that was released was the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. website. After a beta test period of one week, the website is now officially live. "Unfortunately, we didn't get any feedback from our fans," said marketing relations head Sam Snead. "Therefore, we kind of had to work the kinks out ourselves. Even then, we didn't get in everything we wanted for the first day. Fortunately, we will be able to add more stuff later." Go there now through this link:
     In other news, the filming for Forest of Fear has been coming along nicely. "However," noted script supervisor Samuel Gordon, "we had to do another rewrite, resulting in a 14th draft. Fortunately, not too many changes were made and shooting is right on schedule."
     Seth Masterson, director of the film, does note something else about the film, though. "Before filming," he said, "we made a 13th draft where the script was skewered to shorten running time. Now gone are the ghost hunters, the giant octopus, pumpkin man, the witch, and Billy Lugosi's bad guy speech. Even the name of the town in the forest will be changed, just in case Woodsville actually exists. The new name will be Howling Hollow, since the chances that a real town is named that are slim to none. Then again, I never thought any one would name a road Pig's Ear road, but lo behold, I found it." Filming is currently taking place in a quaint farm town for the film's opening.
     Also, unlike noted before, the next Tales of the Adventurers will NOT be posted here. When it is released this week, you will find it on the new website in the 2011 album on the "Tales of the Adventurers" page.
     As for future releases, Forest of Fear will haunt your way October 7th, 2011 and Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients will be discovered Summer 2014.


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