100th Press Release: What's Next?

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; June 3, 2011)
     Earlier today, when An Afternoon at the Zoo and Space Attack were released, it was mentioned that a look at what's next would be given later. Well, here it is, in our 100th press release. "Just like we did with today's two releases, we want to give fans plenty of insight into the projects that they can't wait to see," said Lego Studios CEO Mark Matthew. Now, after seeing Nana save the world and chimpanzees free themselves from their cage, it's time to look at what's coming in Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s future (all adhering to the new policy announced this morning, of course).

Web Site Sensation
     While it is not our most ambitious project, the new Mustache Maniacs Film Co. website will contain all the information you ever need about previous films, as well as coming soon films. There will be character bios, news, bonus stories, quizzes, polls and more. "I also brought forth the idea to also feature flash-based games and exclusive animations as well," said Steve Brocko, head of the traditional animation department. "I will have to see if they go with the idea initially." If not, there is no worry, since the website is meant to evolve over time, adding new content and removing unpopular content. Regardless, the website will debut June 26th, 2011.

Scared Silly in the Woods
     Even though it won't be coming out until October 7th, 2011, it is still worth mentioning Forest of Fear here, since it will be our next film. The script is currently nearing the end of its final revision. The new version features a new scene in the rural town of Woodsville, more lines, implications to create a central villain and more. "Before, some things made no sense," said director Seth Masterson. "When it was first written, it was just two people stumbling around in the forest, running into monsters and hillbillies. However, from what I've seen of this final, 12th, draft, I can certainly say that the story is better constructed. I especially love the Ghost Hunters International-esque opening." Also, some concept art was released showing some of the characters. You can see it below.

Thunder's Next Adventure
     Currently, the script for Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients is still being mended, but is almost complete! For this film, the style and humor of the first film and the frame rate and pace of the second film will be combined to make a one-of-a-kind film. "But there is one problem," said director Steven Lawrence. "The script is 130 pages long. Taking into consideration that one page roughly equals one minute, this means we have a long film on our hands. We will see how much we can trim it down before it's approved for filming." Once it is, filming will begin this fall.
     An often-requested sequence also made its way into the film: the murder of Dr. Daniel Thunder, Johnny's father. It opens the film and sets the overall tone. "However, I made some tweaks to it," said writer Peter Samuel. "It was altered a little so that it's an important part of the story, rather than a sequence put in there just to be there." The film will be released in 2014.

Other Notes
     This Thanksgiving, some virtual holiday cards will be released, some of which will feature collectible minifigures. Also, Pharaoh's Quest: The Interactive Adventure has been canceled. However, the story behind the Pharaoh's Quest LEGO sets is being sent to the story department for development into something else... But, due to the new policy, it will not be mentioned further.


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