New Freddy and Joey Teaser and a new Video Announced!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; May 7, 2011)
     Today, the teaser for the new animated series Freddy and Joey was released. This teaser may only show two characters (Freddy and Frederick the Frog), but it certainly shows the animation style that will be used for Freddy and Joey - The Duck and the Strawberries, which will be released next month.
     Also, a new fire documentary that was mentioned in passing earlier, has been announced! Titled Yellowstone: The Firestorm of 1988, the film will use many of the same techniques that were applied to last year's documentary Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire, including pans, intense music and sound effects to accompany the images. The film will be released later this month.
     Check back tomorrow, when the next Tales of the Adventurers goes online!


  1. your putting up a comic on mothers day, but no easter comic???


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