"The Duck and the Strawberries" has been Canceled!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; May 13, 2011)
     Friday the 13th has always been associated with bad luck, and today this rings true for Freddy and Joey - the Duck and the Strawberries. "It's just that no one liked the script," said studio CEO Mark Matthew. "I have to admit it probably wouldn't have been a success, given by the lack of prominent views for the Freddy and Joey Teaser. I still thought it was better than the script for Ghost Pictures, though." The studio will now go back to the feature-length movie concept for Freddy and Joey.
     Instead, the studio is teaming up with CarTOON Shack to present An Afternoon at the Zoo. In this short, three chimpanzees are minding their own business when some rude zoo guests begin to torment them. When the chimps let their imaginations run wild, who is the real ape? The short will be released June 3rd along with Space Attack.
     Also, the next Tales of the Adventurers will be released next week to make up for the previous comic's month-long delay.


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