Another 'Tales of the Adventurers' and New Cartoons Coming Soon!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; March 6, 2011)
     It's time for another edition of Tales of the Adventurers. But before we begin, here is the answer to the previous challenge: Unwanted Guest.
     In the third panel, Lord Sinister is poking out from behind some crates on the dock. How did he find out about the treasure? This could turn ugly!
     Now, here is the latest comic. The next challenge will be presented afterwards.

     Here is today's challenge: Coordinate Confusion.
     Use the navigation map in the comic to pinpoint the exact coordinates of where the Adventurers and Deep Sea Salvage Crew need to go (this one may be a little too easy!).
     In other news, details have been revealed about the new cartoons the studio announced two months ago. The new cartoons will be a series called Freddy and Joey. Based on original bedtime stories, the title characters will be two squirrels who live in the vast Mulberry Forest. To give the series a frightening villain, Farmer John will be on hand to try to get rid of those "pesky" woodland creatures. Other characters include wise Oscar the Owl, clever Frank the Fox, a pair of sly chickens Peck and Cluck, Nature Preserve Warden Ranger Robert (the only human character in the series besides Farmer John and his family), paranoid Rick the Rabbit, slow-witted Boris the Bear and other fun woodland animals. Currently, five cartoons for this series are in the works using traditional methods for releases in late 2011 - early 2012. They are Pilot - Joey Moves In, The Fox in the Hen house, The Duck and the Strawberries, Freddy's Garden, and Trouble at the Brook. If they are successful, then more will be released later.
     As for the other projects, Making Tracks chugs in Summer 2012 and Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients will be revealed Summer 2014. Also, Forest of Fear will haunt your way October 2011. Which reminds me. I'm having a little trouble with something in the script of the said movie, so I need your help by voting in a poll along the right side of this page.


  1. Is there only five cartoons, or will there be more?

  2. Initially, there will be five cartoons. If the series does well, more will be released later.

  3. Okay, I voted werewolf, but here's a more in depth thought.

    The kind of monster you're putting in depends on what the setting is. You're doing a forest, judging by the title. So realy the werewolf or the mad scientist would work.

    I wouldn't recomend vampire at all, becasue I have yet to find ANY vampire stories where the monster doesn't live amoung normal people in cities and towns.

    Just my two cents. Take it or leave it. :)



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