Another Tales of the Adventurers and a Freddy and Joey Update

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; March 27, 2011)
     After a short delay, the next Tales of the Adventurers has arrived! But before we get to it, here is the answer to the previous comic's challenge: Coordinate Confusion.
     The correct coordinates for the Berry Islands on the map provided is B-3. Now let's set sail with today's comic. A new standard now will be to feature the challenge afterwards, which will likewise be done here.

     Here is the challenge: Lance's Potatoes.
     The number of half hours (30 min.) it will take for Lance to peel all of the potatoes around him equals the number of loose potatoes sitting on the floor but not in the pile. If the room contains 500 unpeeled potatoes, how many potatoes can Lance peel in one minute?
     In other news, there has been an important update: Freddy and Joey may become an entire movie! "I have plans to make into a traditional animated film," said writer Peter Samuel. "I have an idea to have elaborate pastel landscapes, musical numbers, and more silly wilderness characters. I also want the character Ranger Robert to have a larger role in the film. However, since the film will be created with cell animation, don't expect to see it for a while."
     Also, if you haven't voted on the provided poll yet, be sure to do so, since your vote will influence the rewriting of Forest of Fear starting on April 1st. "This will be the last rewrite," said Mark Matthew, Lego Studios CEO. "This production has been on hold for far too long. If we keep this up, it'll end up being cheaper to just cancel it."
     Also, Pharaoh's Quest: The Interactive Adventure has been put on hold for 2012 or 2013.


  1. 5 half hours = 2 and a half hours, peelin 2 potatoes per minute

    also can't wait for Forest of fear and Freddy and Joey

    -JoKo1997 (A fan of your videos)


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