Studio Update: 'When Barrels Fly' is a THAC 8 Finalist and Flash Animations Coming Soon!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; January 11, 2011)
     Later this week, a new edition of Tales of the Adventurers will be released, along with the answers to the puzzle in the previous one. Until then, a few news updates from the studio will be detailed.
     First, the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. entry for THAC 8, When Barrels Fly, is now one of the twentyfive finalists for that very contest. "I can't believe it. This is the only the studio's first entry into a contest and now our film is a finalist!" said Lego Studios board chairman and CEO Mark Matthew. Director Steven Lawrence added, "Let's hope we get lucky with the judging, because there can only be one winner."
     Also, for a scheduled school project, the studio will be releasing its first animated cartoons this spring. While they are still in the pre-production phase, there are a few things that the studio is aiming for:
  1. The cartoons will be made using Adobe Flash CS5 "because that is the required software," said scriptwriter Peter Samuel.
  2. The cartoons will introduce an all-new Mustache Maniacs Film Co. character who will not relate in any way to any other current franchises from the company. "That way, if these cartoons prove to be very popular, we could eventually spin this off into a web series," said Mark Matthew.
  3. The cartoons will most likely have anthropomorphic (talking) animals. "I've learned recently that if a script contains material that would appear as too hokey in live action, then it's material for an animated film. If a script contains material with a high level of realism, it's live action material," said animator Andrew Bermudez. "I want these cartoons to have situations, characters and locations that would be impossible in the real world."
     Also, check for other films on these dates: The First Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards will saunter up the red carpet January 21st, 2011, the Flash cartoons will 'draw' themselves in late spring, the Tales Of Yore contest entry will come July 22nd, 2011, Forest of Fear and Pharaoh's Quest: the Interactive Adventure will blow in fall 2011, the video greeting cards will greet you November 2011 and Johnny Thunder 3 will be discovered Summer 2012.


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