Wonders of Buoyancy is Now Afloat!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; November 26, 2010)
     Today, Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s fifth online film, Wonders of Buoyancy, was released. This film is also the first from the company to mix live action with stop motion animation. Next week's Tales of the Adventurers comic will pick up after Lance's last line in the film and will be released this upcoming Sunday.
     Also, about the strip, the schedule has now been changed so that it will remain bi-weekly in 2011. This is to ensure that there is enough time to complete each script since plenty of filming for both Forest of Fear and Johnny Thunder 3 will be done at the same time.
     Finally, One more short film will be released by the end of the year. It will be made entirely in 24 hours and will be submitted as a contest entry on Bricksinmotion.com. It will be released December 18th, 2010.


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