First "Tales of the Adventurers" Comic!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Crazyhouse Comics Studio; October 21, 2010)
     Last year, Lego Studios announced that a new comic to tie into Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile would be released. Originally based around the popular henchman character Patrick, the comic evolved into a broader spectrum, so that all of the adventurers characters would be included. Here is the result: the first-ever edition of the comic strip Tales of the Adventurers. Enjoy!

Tales of the Adventurers
Written and Drawn by Andrew Bermudez

     As the story in the strips continues, new characters will be introduced and new tension will be built up to lead into Johnny Thunder 3, which may possibly come out in 2014. More strips will be released bi-weekly.
     Also, as a reminder, Halloween is fast approaching. If you haven't voted for the fan choice awards yet, be sure to do so now. When the voting is over, work will begin on the film that announces the winners, The First Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards. The film will come out January 2011.
     As for other films, Wonders of Buoyancy, an educational film about fluids and floating, will come out December 2010 and Forest of Fear is scheduled for release Summer 2011.


  1. Well this is only the first comic, so I don't think I can be a fair judge yet (unlike with videos, you need to look at several comics to descide of you like them).

    Right now it doesn't seem to make much sence. How did Patric find:
    a) a computer
    b) a place to plug it in
    c) internet connection
    in order to post that anyway? I think just having patric say a good punchline would have been better.

    Still I'm amazed at the art. The legs are amazing in detail, and so is Sam's hook. I also love patric's expression with his idea.

    Good luck with future videos and with these comics. Can't wait to see the results for the awards.



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