Studio Updates: Almost Done Filming

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; March 29, 2010)
     Easter is almost here, and with it comes some great news: the filming for Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile is almost done! Currently, the crew is outside Abu Simbel, and they just finished a major action scene. "We don't want to say what's it's about, in fear that we may spoil the movie, but I can say that it's an important part of the film," said Director Steven Lawrence. "After we are done outside, we will move inside, where the finale will be filmed."
     Unfortunately, one of the extras was less than impressed with his paycheck. "He insisted that he wanted top billing with the stars," said boom operator Sarah Williamson. "After we pointed out that his character didn't even have a name, he got pissed off, knocked over a few stage lights, and stormed off into the desert. No one has seen him since then. Fortunately, we had more extras on hold." Assistant Director Simon Johnathon continued, "we treated him to a meal fit for a king, but he still wasn't happy. He said that the movie wasn't 'prestigious' enough for him and that he was leaving. We were O.K. with that because we fired him right there. He will still be in the end credits, though."
     Back at the studio, things haven't been better. "Were seeing more growth now than ever before," said Mark Matthew, head of the board of directors. "We just recently saw an influx of new fans for the first Johnny Thunder film, and the new mainframe is working just great. It never heats up or crashes. There hasn't been much activity for viewings of The Adventures of Legoman, though."
     Time for the release dates! Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile is scheduled for release on July 16th, 2010, and Forest of Fear may come out October 8th, 2010.


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