Vacation Update: Starting Back Home

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Litchfield Holiday Inn; July 18, 2009)
     With only one week left, the Bermudez Family is now starting to head back home. This final week they are mostly driving and contemplating all the awesome sights they have seen.
     Day 32: Today we viewed yet another battlefield: Antietam. We drove the battlefield while listening to an audio presentation. It really brought the experience to life. We closed the day at the Gettysburg KOA with Chipper, our friendly cabin chipmunk.

     Day 33: We begun our day with Chipper's friend flinging seeds at us from above. Luckily he was a bad shot, but seemed to enjoy himself anyway as he chuckled menacingly. Guess where we headed today? Those who said Gettysburg Battlefield would be accurate. How did you know? When the brochures tell you how amazing the place is, believe it. We ended the day tired, but enjoyed every minute of it.
     Day 34: Drive, drive, drive. Ohio here we come.
     Day 35: Weather holding out beautifully. We enjoyed a wonderful day at Carillion Historical Park in Dayton, Ohio, where we saw the Wright Brother's bicycle shop and Flyer from 1905. Historically the place was unbelievable.

     Day 36: Today we visited the National Air Force Museum. We took a special tour behind the scenes and saw the Memphis Bell being restored. This was definitely one of the trip's highlights.

     Day 37: Today!!! What can I say? We drove and drove. We also dropped dad at the airport in Cincinnati, went to Illinois' idea of a Lincoln Museum in Disney-esque fashion (a little tacky at times), and was run from our cabin by spider swarms. We can't wait to get a much needed rest in our clean hotel. Ahhhhh!
     Next Time: The rest of the trip!


  1. sweet. illinois is where I live. and you're right exept for some cool museums in chicago, we don't have much in the way of attractions.


    p.s. according o my driving teacer street names oftencome from presidents, sttes, basic name, or something esome one famous aid at the spot. the last one might be the answer to sore finger.


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