Vacation Update: Through Four States and Three Time Zones.

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Columbus, Texas KOA; June 16, 2009)
     It has been five days since the studio executives Daniel and Andrew Bermudez left on their six-week long vacation with their mom. Even though problems have been encountered, since both Andrew and his mom got sick, the vacation is continuing well. Here is a quick overview of the first five days.
     Day 1: Driving, driving, driving. Nothing exciting happened today, other than passing over into Arizona and spotting a street named Sore Finger Road (who comes up with these names?).
     Day 2: We continued on our way through New Mexico and into Texas. We then drove and drove to Van Horn to spend the night.

     Day 3: Yet another driving day, we drove to Kerrville, Texas. Daniel spotted a dead mountain lion. For dinner, we ate at a local Quizno's.
     Day 4: Today we went to Fredericksburg, Texas and in particular The National Museum of the Pacific War. Daniel highly recommends this museum. We also walked around the town before we headed back to the campground.

     Day 5: We left Kerrville and headed to the LBJ Ranch, where Lyndon B. Johnson was born and died. Afterwards, we drove through Austin. Daniel says that there is a must miss here: the barbecue on the freeway (we did). Also, we almost hit a dead deer.

     Next Time: Houston Space Center, New Orleans, and more.


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