Studio Updates: System Lockdown, Drawing up Johnny Thunder 2, and All That Jazz

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; April 11, 2009)
     With The Adventures of Legoman almost done, the studio has decided to release information about recent happenings.
     Only two days ago, a virus got into the studio's main systems, locking it all down. "It was madness," said Steven Lawrence, local director. "Once the lock down started, we couldn't do anything. We couldn't film, we couldn't edit, we couldn't record sound, we couldn't even flush any of the toilets in any of the studio bathrooms." Fortunately, expert technicians were able to fix the problem in only two days. Mark Matthew, head of the studio's board of directors, stated, "There is nothing to worry about. The systems are now back online and, fortunately, everything is still there. Unfortunately, we didn't lose the Ghost Pictures script. Let's just hope that Peter Samuel's version of the script is better."
     Although it is good that the systems have been fixed, a voice recording, or ADR (automated dialogue replacement), appointment had to be sacrificed because of it. "It's so strange," said Simon Johnathon, director of The Adventures of Legoman. "Just one little glitch, and your whole schedule gets messed up. Let's just hope everything turns out well in the end."
     Moving onto a more positive note, more substantial progress has been made on the pre-production for Johnny Thunder 2. "With the script in the finalization stage, I have already started on the film's concept art," said Moe Dickens, the film's art director. The concept art that has already been drawn up includes a few of the characters and a promotional ad. "In the future, I plan on drawing up more concept art, including scenes for the movie, more characters, and vehicles."
     The Adventures of Legoman will debut either April 24th or April 25th, and Johnny Thunder 2 will debut July 2010. Also, an undetermined short film will debut this Fall.


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