Pirates Will Sail the High Seas this Fall.

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; April 18, 2009)
     Last night, the poll on which story you like better closed and the winner has now been announced. "In the poll, the pirate story easily won over the castle story," said Simon Johnathon, proposed director. "This will certainly be a fun experience, especially since we haven't made a historical film recently."
     This new film, which will be called Captain Redbeard's Lost Gold, will begin in the 1770's, where Captain Redbeard is hiding his enormous treasure on Loot Island. 50 years later, his descendant, Captain Brickbeard, finds a treasure map that leads to his ancestor's hidden fortune. But Governor Broadside, the leader of the Royal Armada, wants to bring Brickbeard to justice and return the gold. But not all is what it seems.
     Since The Adventures of Legoman is intended as a children's film, the studio wants to shift the audience into a more serious gear before the release of Johnny Thunder 2. "This film will be in a darker tone, but will still be compatible with a younger audience," said Mark Matthew, head of the board of directors. "We plan on having silly characters along with the serious ones, including a cook who can't cook, two Armada soldiers who argue about the silliest things, and a helmsman who tries to make everything just so." Dracula, the film's location manager, runner, and blood-sucking lawyer, added, "We also plan on adding some mystery to the film by adding an old, marooned, pirate with a mysterious past into the script."
     The film, however, will not begin shooting until Summer 2009. Then the film will not debut until Fall 2009.


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